Who is Generally Prescribed Duromine?

What Type of People are Prescribed Duromine?

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When it comes to doctors prescribing Duromine, it is usually given to people who are severely overweight or obese. Duromine is not prescribed to every patient who is overweight, but mainly to those who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) that is greater than 30. These individuals are given Duromine to help reduce their weight as other methods have failed. Patients who also are prescribed these pills often have weight related health problems such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. In some cases, Duromine may be prescribed to people who have a BMI below 30. This is usually done when their obesity threatens their lives. Patients who have a BMI below 30 who are eligible for Duromine typically suffer from insulin-resistant diabetes mellitus, sleep apnea, pre-diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance as a result of obesity and cardiovascular risk due to obesity.

Usually, if weight reduction of 5% does not occur within 12 weeks of treatment, then the use of Duromine is cancelled.

Children over 12 and elderly people can also take this drug, once prescribed by a doctor.


Before using Duromine it is always important that you consult a doctor. This is extremely important especially if you have any allergies or are allergic to phentermine. If you are taking any prescription medications or over the counter drugs, then you need to tell your doctor. Patients who have a medical history of heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes and glaucoma, arteriosclerosis, overactive thyroid and drug abuse should disclose this to their doctor. Women who are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant should also speak to their doctor in regards to taking Duromine.

14 thoughts on “Who is Generally Prescribed Duromine?”

  1. How does duromine make you lose weight? I weigh 90 kgs after having two children , I was 60 kgs before. I’ve tried dieting and exercising I only lose a couple kgs. Finding it really hard

  2. Hi sale just spotted your post, how is it all going, i have been on Duramine now for only 2 days…yet to see the benifits

  3. im a type one diabetic and i have struggled with my weight a my life im wondering if duromine would be good for me and safe seeing as tho im a diabetic. I have heard alot of good feedback from friends

  4. Hi all,

    Am considering going on Duromine I am about 13 to 15 kgs overweight. Have been eating healthy and exercising for around a month now but not really seeing any results. Any tips?

  5. Hi my BMI is above 30 and I was prescribed Duromine. I have been on it for the past month. I have tons of energy, I drinks lots of water, my appetites gone. But I have’nt lost any weight please help

  6. Its good i had started on the 24th of jan and its now the 21 of feb and i have lost 8.6 kgs i had noticed alot of people said it comes with some side effects like not sleeping and having energy 24/7.. I balanced it with eating proper n goin to the gym, making sure i drink alot of water.. I recommend it as i was at the same start weight 3 years ago tried diets, gym n all sorts.. My doctor said to me that it just suppress the hunger, and you only stay on it for a little while then come off n detox.. So worth a try!!

  7. I was pescribed duromine and im 18, 162 cm weighing at 77 kg- im not liking it i feel like i need to vomit and its 1 08am and i cant sleep- dont really know why it was pescribed to me after doing some research??

  8. Hi, I am planing to go on Duromine. I have read so many people say it works like big time. I have a heart welf that is to big, I hope it does not intervere with my tablets. I am to scared to ask the dokter because I want to lose weight

  9. I’m overweight, and really want to lose weight. Desperately but will want to have children in a couple years! Will duramine make me infertile, any possibility at all??

  10. I have been on Duromine for 3 days. I heard alot of good things about it.. I will be going off it today. I havnt slept in 3 days and my heart rate is wayyy to fast. I value my overall health over weightloss. I guess this wasnt the right medication for me.

  11. im on duromine currently and has worked wonders 6 weeks in and 10kgs lighter. i have occasionly had side effects some that have worried me but havent lasted long such as confusion, dizziness, moodiness, bruising easily, stomach cramping, dryness of the mouth and bad taste and the worst was a few times i have felt like i couldnt breathe but i pushed through and i know it sounds ridiculous to continue but i was severly depressed from poor body image and has given me confidence and energy to keep up with my kids. it is not a drug i recommend for everyone but if you can push through the rough days it makes it so worth while. combining it with diet and exercise which you will have so much more motivation for on it, really gets your body burning it off. i love how it is working and with another 6 weeks to go im looking forward to seeing if i can lose the other 10kgs to reach my goal weight.

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