Duromine Weight Loss

The Effects of Duromine on Weight Loss
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Obesity is a chronic disease that afflicts hundreds of thousands of people in the United States. Most require medical treatment to allow for a sustained weight loss. Duromine is a prescription drug that is used to help to try and reduce obesity. The effects of Duromine are usually mild; however there have been reports of serious complications involving this product. Duromine is to be used with patients who have serious health implications because of their health, and not for cosmetic purposes.

Duromine is a prescribed tablet that is usually sued for the treatment of obesity. This treatment is a highly effective short term solution. This means that is directly suited for obese patients who need to loss weight immediately and rapidly.Β It is not a magic pill and it needs to be combined with a good regimen of diet and exercise. With that being said, Duromine should not be viewed as a long-term weight loss supplement. Doctors should prescribe this treatment for a period ranging from 3 weeks to one and half months. The reason for this is that it is known to become habit forming. In some extreme cases doctors have been known to prescribe Duromine for weight loss up to 3 months. The focus of using Duromine in weight loss is that it will allow the patient to begin losing weight, while at the same time changing their attitude towards exercise and food. Essentially, the body will begin to build up its resistance to the effects of the drug after a few weeks of treatment. Once this begins, the patient should already be into their new lifestyle of diet and exercise.

Duromine works by suppressing appetite via a central mechanism in the brain. Using Duromine with other types of appetite suppressants is not recommended. This drug is specifically for people who are at medical risk because of their obesity. It should be noted that only people who are severely overweight or obese should take this medication. This drug should not be used casually for people who want to improve their appearance. Use of Duromine for cosmetic purposes is not appropriate.

Does Duromine Work For Weight Loss?

Only your physician can truly decide if it is right for your weight loss needs. Before it can be prescribed a range of factors need to be examined, such as your medical history and the current medications you are taking.

It is important to note that using Duromine alone cannot treat obesity. Duromine should be combined with a proper healthy lifestyle. This means that you should include a proper diet and exercise to ensure that you will keep the weight off in the long term. In the short term, Duromine is known to be very successful in achieving weight loss and reducing the risks of medical problems associated with obesity.

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  1. hi,i was 147 kgs 6 weeks ago ,now iam 133kgs take in morning with a big glass of water,,then for breakfast i have a weight loss milkshake ,drink plenty of water ,for lunch i have a tv dinner,cost about $4.50 in the afternoon i have a orange and apple ,then for tea one last milkshake[ diet, then go to bed ,an sleep like a baby.just have xtra chewing gum on hand ,because your mouth will taste like shit,and stay off the grog

  2. My doctor prescribed Duromine today, I will start it tomorrow, My weight is 83kg, Right now I feel bloated and yuck. I hope to see results. I;ll log more details of hopefully success in 3 days!!!!!

  3. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow and we have already discussed Duromine so hopefully my journey will start soon also. Thanks for the tips Murray, one of the few positive comments I have read in my research. I am 5’7 and last weighed (a few months ago) i was 128kg so really need the kick start in my life and the help to change my attitude and exercise habits. Good luck to you and hopefully I’ll be posting positive comments and successes here soon also!

  4. I will start taking my duromine tomorrow I am 95kg have tryed every think to loss weight even other tables from the doctor and nuff has worked
    I just really hope this works

  5. st friday, havent had an apetite, hope to see results soon with extra exercise, i weighed 128kg last thursday, will jump on scale friday to see any results

  6. Hi,
    I started duromine a week and half ago and the first time i weighed myself, I had lost 4kg in four days! πŸ™‚ I was so happy. I am yet to weigh myself for a second time while being on duromine. I don’t really have any side effects to report other than the dizziness you feel when you stand up too fast. This happens pretty much everytime i get up, it’s hectic. It also supresses your appetite to non existant and accelerates your heart beat crazily. It gives you more focus as well. I’ve found that duromine also increses and decreases your mood at different points during the day. I’ve had no trouble sleeping at all, in fact if anything, it’s helped me to create more of a beneficial sleeping routine instead of sleeping at ridiculous times and then having to get up for school.
    Overall, I’m quite pleased with the medication and do recommend it as long as you drink plenty of water. Also, you won’t feel like eating, but you need to, even if it’s something small each day. Any food is better than no food.
    I’ve recently started at the gym again and am hoping to see even greater results than my first weigh in. My goal is to have a killer body by the end of the year, in time for Formal and Schoolies. I also want to proove to myself that it is possible to be smaller than a size 16 and overall be a more fit and healthy Emily πŸ™‚
    Good luck everyone!

  7. I started duromine yesterday. I am taking 30mg second daily. I have had no adverse side effects thus far. My appetite has decreased but I am still managing two meals per day. Wondering would it work better if i didn’t eat anyhting, i really need to lose weight. Today I am 112.3kg and very ashamed. Fingers crossed

  8. I’ll take duromine for only 4 days ,but I can feel a little hungry still eating times in a while hour ,,drinks water not sleep to much ,why. I eat . I thought it is a become not hungry ,,why…? I’m eating hours in a while what?happen? Pls reply and answer it pls ,good morning

  9. I’ve been on Duromine before, i lost over 30kgs and kept it off for a good 8 months, I have no one but myself to blame for putting 15-20kgs of it back on. I like Duromine for the fact that it gives me an energy boost as well! I’ve just started a blog come have a look… justgivemeonemoreminute.wordpress.com Follow my progress and dont forget if you want anything or questions answered email me there!! Thanks πŸ™‚

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