Duromine Warnings

When it comes to the use of Duromine, there are certain warnings that need to be heeded.

Duromine is a drug that is prescribed to treat people who are morbidly obese. It is not recommended for the casual individual who wants to lose weight. The safety of this drug has not been fully established. As a result of that, there should be no other mixture with different types of weight loss products.

  • People who suffer from mild hypertension should be careful when using Duromine. In the first days of use, the blood pressure needs to be checked to ensure that there is no loss.
  • Patients who have valvular heart disease should not take Duromine.
  • There have been incidents where cerebrovascular and cardiac accidents have occurred due to the rapid weight loss associated with Duromine. Obese patients should ensure that special steps are taken in regards to a slow and restricted weight loss. This is especially true for patients who are at an increased risk for vascular disease.
  • People who take Duromine and are diabetic should be aware that they may have varying responses to oral hypoglycaemic agents and insulin.
  • Duromine should be used with caution in patients who are taking sedatives, psychotropic drugs and sympathomimetic agents. The main reason for this is that there is the possibility that loss of blood pressure control may occur.
  • Duromine should not be used for people who want to lose weight for cosmetic purposes. This drug is geared towards patients who are obese and do not respond to the normal methods of weight loss.
  • Duromine has the ability to impair the mental alertness of the brain. This is why great caution should be taken by people who plan to drive or operate machinery.

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