Duromine Pregnancy

Can Pregnant Women Take Duromine?
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If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, then Duromine should not be used. Duromine falls under the drug category B. This category B rating means that research conducted on animals have produced evidence to show fetal damage with the use of Duromine. While harmful to animal fetuses, no tests have been done on human beings, so the jury is still out. Recommendations have been made that even though there is lack of evidence as it relates to the safety of pregnant women, the drug should not be used.

If you are a woman who is pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant and have plans to take this drug, please consult with your doctor. The doctor will advise you and can possibly tell you about what alternatives are available. The doctor should be your first choice of information, before you make any decisions on your own.

Duromine and Breastfeeding

No scientific evidence exists that shows the safety of duromine and breastfeeding. As a result of this, women who are lactating should avoid the drug. The reason for this is that there is the possibility of the drug being passed to the baby via breast milk.


It is recommended that Duromine not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. To get the best information, it is best to consult with a pharmacist or doctor. These individuals will have the information available to determine if Duromine is safe to be used during pregnancy or not.

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  1. what if im pregnant and i dont know,maybe i just got some of the syptoms of being pregnant and i am taking duramaine. could something happen to the baby.

  2. i found out i was pregnant while on duromine at 5 weeks i have pcos and dont normally ovulate my previous pregnancy was on fertility drugs so i suspect maybe the duromine may have somehow sped up the ovulation process but of course now i worry my baby has been affected is there anyone else out there who was on duromine before they realised they were pregnant??

  3. what if i want to get pregnant or im pregnant while taking duromine,wat will happen to the baby ?! If i stop taking it,how long can i get pregnant so that wont effect to the baby?!

  4. Hi, can anybody pls email mi? Did anything happen to your baby after giving birth if u consumed duromine when u don’t know u are pregnant..

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