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Side Effects from DuromineDuromine is a drug that is used to reduce body weight in obese or overweight patients. As with any medication, there are usually some side effects that are associated with the product. Some of these side effects may be mild, serious and dangerous. Generally, when you take Duromine, most people will experience an increase in heart rate and also blood pressure. Some patients may also experience restlessness, insomnia and heart palpitations. On the more serious side, it is documented that Duromine can be addictive. There have been reports of patients having a physical and psychological dependence on the drug.

Duromine Short Term Side Effects

All drug medications have side effects and it is very common to experience these effects when taking Duromine. The typical side effects that people encounter, such as feeling more awake, are usually short term and will go away after using the drug for a while, or once you stop taking it.

More Common Symptoms

Less Common to Rare Symptoms

  • Tiredness
  • Clumsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Psychosis
  • Blurred vision
  • Skin rash or itching
  • Diarrhea
  • Unpleasant taste in mouth
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach pain

Possible Overdose Symptoms

  • Confusion
  • Rapid Breathing
  • Convulsions (seizures)
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Mental Depression, following a period of excitement
  • Fever
  • ┬áRestlessness
  • Panic
  • Aggression
  • Tiredness
  • Stomach cramps
  • Hallucinations
  • Irregular blood pressure
  • Severe nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Overactive Reflexes
  • Tremors, Trembling, or Shaking
  • Lightheadedness or Fainting
  • Weakness

Duromine Long Term Side Effects

There are some long term side effects that are possible when someone takes Duromine. One of the most common ones would be the development of dependence to the drug. There have been no studies done to indicate this is possible, but it should be taken with care.

The drug should not be use by individuals who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant.

Duromine Warnings

It is advised that patients with the following conditions should not use Duromine.

  • An allergy to ingredients that are usually contained in Duromine.
  • Are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding
  • Are taking any prescription or nonprescription medicine, dietary supplements or herbal preparations
  • Allergic to foods, medicines and other products
  • Have hardening of the arteries, diabetes, high blood pressure, high lipid levels, high cholesterol or spinal or brain disorder.

Duromine Drug Interactions

Duromine may interact with drugs such as Dexfenfluramine, fenfluramine, furazolidone, or MAOIs (eg, phenelzine). It can also have a negative reaction to Serotonin specific reuptake inhibitors (eg, fluoxetine). Guanadrel or guanethidine can have their effectiveness reduced because of Duromine.

Consult with a doctor and indicate which ones you are taking to ensure that Duromine does not interact negatively with them.

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  1. intending to take in but in a years time and I am kind of confused as to when I should stop taking duromine and when to start taking it. I think I really need help here.

  2. I use it consistently since last 2days. I hope it will work on me. Coz i’m not eating as much as i always do. And i did not feel tired after 2km jogging without stop. Running is not what I love to do but now I think i can consistently do it everyday. Also yesterday I feel extraordinarily focused during my higher level Japanese Language Class. So I think this drug is not bad. Is it ok if i plan to take it for a few months continuously until I get my ideal weight? Will it be so hard to stop depending on it later?

  3. I am vehemently opposed to the use of these weight loss medications. I have yet to prescribe it in my practice and plan to continue educating the patients I see of the dangers of these medications.
    I believe in a holistic approach making use of
    a team of health care workers to address the weight management problem, such as a doctor, dietician, nutritionist and personal trainer and an essential addition to the team, a psychologist.

  4. I am on day four of duromine and as of the seccond day,
    I have not been able to eat anything substantial.
    Infact I tried to eat an apple and near vomited it back up,
    Is it safe to just not eat? I know duromine supresses your appitite and it’s just the tablets making me feel as tho I’m not hungry. But will it hurt to only eat every seccond or third day? Would this make weightless faster? Or could this make weight loss slower

  5. Kasey, I would say your on too high a dose and if i were you i would head back to the Dr and ask for the 15mg to start you off..

    I took duromine 30mg about 10 years ago and lost a major amount of weight but i did not eat a thing, the only thing i could stomach was a can of coke!! I was moody, could not sleep a wink, was high and then extremely low.

    I have just this week gone on duromin 15mg after having my 3rd child and not losing the weight like i did with the others mainly due to being so exhausted i can’t be bothered to excurcise.

    This dose is working better for me as i now have the extra energy and i am also still getting hungry, but only wanting small amounts of food which is great…Hope it works better this time. and hope it works for you too…:-)

  6. Hi,this is my third week of using duromine.i must say that i don’t each as much as i used 2,cereal,fruit and something small 4 supper.I can see the difference,slowly though!i heard that u must not use it for more than 3 months but what I want to know is,when will i see the total difference?Thank u

  7. My first day of starting duromine and am hoping it works for me. how many times can i take duromine a day and in how many days time can i see the effect.

    pls. help.

  8. I feel unfocused and blurry…also very exhausted and unable to think. I am on 30m duromine for the 2nd time. I stopped for 3 months and the weight came back so I started again. Is it possible I am taking too high a dose?

  9. Hi there, I took 15 mg duromine after my second child, it never did anything for me.. As supress my apetite.. or loose weight.. i think in total i lost 3 kgs.. Now after my third child I’m at a crossroad as I’m 104kgs the biggest I have ever been. I have no energy feeling lethargic can I go on is it 30mg or 40mg duromine??

  10. Hello,
    I have been taking Duromine 30mg for two months now and have currently stopped after my first week in month 3. I started at 100kg and am now at 84kg. Before taking this drug I would highly recommend you weigh up the side affects.

    Your sleeping pattern is completely changed to almost none. I was taking this tablet at 6am nearly every morning and yes while it gives you the energy and makes you feel great the no sleeping really takes its toll on you and your partner in the long run. It is a weird feeling your brain is tired but it still wants to keep going and so does your body.

    Your blood pressure increases and this you can tell and you can almost feel like your heart is beating faster. This drug is almost like speed.

    Your Irritability and anger increases immensely and quite often is out of your control which again takes its toll on your relationship and the people around you. This is also increased if mixed with alcohol so i would recommend never doing that.

    I dont know how they decide what dosage you should be on but the over dose side affects i have found to be common. such as


    Mental Depression, following a period of excitement


    Aggression – its not always there but when you would normally just be angry and deal with it on duromine you tend to over react and completely blow things out of proportion till you are out of control.

    Tiredness – this is a given as you dont get much sleep.

    While I was on this tablet I lost 10kg in the first month and further 6kg in the second and save a huge amount of money in food but has pretty much destroyed my relationship so again please just think about the pros and cons to this tablet before decided if this tablet is right for you and of course this is just my story and my experience everyone is different. If I got to chose again I would rather be 100kg or find another way to lose the weight.


  11. Hello. About to start tomorrow 40mg. I’m in Australia. See how I go. Firstly if I find this too strong, ill try this every second day. With the rebate back from my private health insurance I was only out of pocket $30!!!! Cheers.

  12. I just got a 3 month script starting with 15mg first month, 30mg second month then back to 15mg 3rd month (to wean off I assume) Having read the side effects would it be worth my while to ask for a very mild sleeping tablet to cover the course? I would be thinking the tiredness would be a major factor in mood swings and over reactions, any thoughts?

  13. I started on the 30mg on Monday – I have all this energy and I have seen a real change in myself. I have been awake for 2 hours a night but it usually starts around 4am otherwise I get a really good sleep.
    My energy and exercise has increased and I have already lost 5kg.
    My partner says my mood has really changed and I am alot happier and smiling more often.
    I got the racing heart on the first day but nothing since then – you really need to exercise and eat well for the tablet to work.

  14. Hello would like to know if your had bipolar in the past no longer on medication. Could you take duromine and not be worried ?

  15. I am taking this for one week and found some side effects on lack of sexual desire plus sleeping pattern changed, every night I wake up 4.30 in a morning and can’t sleep then. Right now I am posting this @ 4.00 am and I feel dizziness at times. What should I do ? Is this side effects will go once I stop taking this drug? I lost 4 kg in one week with exercise and eating less but is it worth taking this drug with these side effects?

  16. My son has been taking these pills for 7 months (he gets them from “friends”). he has lost 40 kilos, and is looking gaunt. He has also become addicted to them, and says he needs them to have energy to get through the day…. they make him “alert”. He was addicted to speed years ago, so it has the same effect. He is having mood swings, is paranoid, violent, aggressive, and “scattered”. His speech has changed, and he is jittery. I am afraid of what will happen to him, but I am powerless to do anything about it. If I talk to him he says it’s his life and he can do what he wants. I am so stressed out with what he is doing to himself, and I feel helpless.

  17. I have been taking Duromine for the past 11 days and notice I was randomly getting goosebumbs over my lower legs which has now turned into a rash and in the days couple of days have been suffering dry mouth thinking about stopping for a week to try to recover then will recommence
    The first couple of days I was like a tornado around the place full of beans but now not as much….wondering if my body is now to use to the effects

  18. I started taking duromine 40 I am on day 6 today I have had really dry mouth which is fine as it makes me drink lots of water I have heaps more energy ans to date have lost 2kg I normally suffer from a lot of pain in my back and legs and I haven’t had it since being on this which I am loving being pain free it has also stopped my craving of chocolate which normally have every single night and I haven’t had any at all today I woke up starving hungry with. Hunger head ache so hoping I don’t go back to eating a lot again just yet but I think you really should make yourself eat even if your not hungry because when you go off this and start eating you won’t just go bang and put all the weight back on..

  19. I have been taking duromine 40 for nearly 3 weeks now and I am constantly neuseas and throwing up
    I dony feel comfortable unless im laying down im so tired and exhausted. I thought this was supposed to have the opposite effect.

  20. Hi have completed 1 month and have lost 5kg with walking and cutting out sugar which I have never been able to do before .but just today have had blood in my urine so off to doctor I am only on 15 mg hope this isn’t a side affect and something else as have felt best in years and am looking forward to dropping a few more kgs with exercise and healthy eating

  21. I’ve been using the duromine for four months now and have only lost 5kg. I didn’t eat much before taking it and when I do eat I get horribly nauseous. I feel like I’m going mad as I have been battling severe depression, paranoia and more recently hallucinations. I have stopped taking it as of today due to the realization that what is happening to me is being caused by this drug.

  22. Do you need a script for these in Australia? A friend is a pharmacist and told me not to take them. Makes me want them more though. Another friend gave me one 30mg this morning at work (teacher). Today has been absolutely amazing. Very vocal and confident in staff meeting conversations with principal and just had so much energy with students all day. Any tips on what to tell GP to get some?

  23. 4th day in dry mouth not as bad but feeling really nauseous and started having headaches yesterday, took Panadol and it made it worse
    I feel lighter already though very confused sometimes taking ages to make decisions, lucky to have 4-5 hrs sleep a night, the first day lots of energy, may try every second day, or change to 15mg.

  24. I am on my 2nd week now on duromine and I found that you need to take the drug as soon as you wake up if you have it in the afternoon like I did a couple times I did not sleep till 9am the next morning. Since taking it in the morning I feel more tired by 9- 10pm I have lost about 3kgs in over a week I walk and I work in a fast pace environment plus I swim as I have hurt my back I am not doing much weights but least I am doing some exercise. I am on lite n easy as well but I don’t feel like having breakfast or lunch much but I try just only something small. I always have my dinner but I have it early and I really don’t feel like snacking late at night like I used to when I come back from work at night. Since taking duromine 30mg I do get dizzy but only when I stand up from sitting plus I sweat a lot at work but other then that its been giving me the energy that I need and I find its working pretty well. You can’t eat whatever you want on duromine as it won’t work or if you get off the drug you will just put all the weight you have lost back on. Healthy diet and exercise is the best way to go with duromine to get the best result. Might keep on it for a couple of months to see how I go.

  25. Hi I’m on my third week of taking 30mg Duromine. I must say, I was quite dubious to take it after reading all the horror stories online. BUT, since i’ve been on it I have lost 6kgs. I haven’t had any terrible side effects. Sleeping at the start was difficult but now i take it at 6am and I get 8 hours sleep at night. At the start it suppressed my appetite but then I started to get hungry again but now 3 weeks in, I’m not hungry..again, but I’m making myself eat regularly and healthily.
    I have been drinking alcohol on it as well. It is the Christmas party season after all! Again, its been fine. Somedays, my digestion system has been in overdrive but nothing that can’t be coped with. Bad side effects I’ve felt have been the jitters. I cant stop moving even when I’m sitting still. Some heart palpitations but usually a smoke sorts that out. I find coffee to be the biggest driver in my diet. I have one in the morning and that’s me for the day- buzzing! I say give it ago and see how you go. If its not for you, then at least you tried it.

  26. Hi, ive been on duromine 30mg tablets for about a week now, I weigh 70kg so I dont need to lose a huge amount of weight. At first they were great, until I found myself addicted to them and taking way more than I should. I dont know what to do because I want to keep losing weight, yet I know i cant control myself with wanting to take more and then just one more a bit later and so on…

  27. At 59 I have slowly increased my weight to 110kg and a belt measurement of 114. I just needed to do something to get it off. A visit to the doctor about a knees and ankle. Yes go for a walk and don’t eat so much, but I’m visiting the doctor because of knees and ankles so give me a break. I need to do something about it before I’m too old. I eat well but too much fruit and snack in the evening, I’m not a drinker, maybe a glass of wine. So my doctor put me on a Duromine 30 for 3 months. I didn’t realise it could keep me awake so the first tablet at 5pm was a wild trip, I think I cleaned the house at 2 in the morning – no need to sleep any more!
    Well now 6 weeks into the programme and I’m sold on it. I start with a boiled egg and a coffee with reduced sugar. An apple and a short coffee for lunch and a lighter evening meal. Take the medication at 1pm as my issue is controlling the urge to eat after the evening meal. I check my weight every day to understand how the body weight varies and the belt measurement reduces. I note down milestones numbers every 2kg and 2cm and try not to drift higher once achieved.
    So at the moment my weight has reduced from 110 down to 96 and my belt measurement from 114 down to 104. My end goal is under 90kg and more importantly under 100cm. After all it’s the fat around the middle not the weight that needs to go. I get a dry mouth sometimes but then drink water more often.
    I feel great, more flexible, new clothing, got rid of the loose jeans and trying a reduced slim fit style and more colour. Now I feel like going for a walk!!!

  28. I have been taking Duromine 15mg for a week. The worst problem I have found is that I clench my jaw all the time which is really uncomfortable. I have started to chew gum to help with this problem. I have more energy to study, don’t feel hungry all the time like I did before and feel more bright and alert but have experienced a strange numbness of my senses where I feel a little vague. I am losing weight and feeling much more confident and energised, especially in the QLD heat which usually makes me very tired. I am trying to have a day off Duromine so my body does not become dependant on it and it gives my body a chance to balance out from side effects such as sore jaw from clenching it.

  29. Well I would luv to try Duromine but after reading all the side affects I feel I do not need them. I hope to start on green coffee beans and garcinia cambogia tomorrow. I believe It works if one diets and exercises while taking it so Good Luck to me for tomorrow..LOL

  30. I took Duromine when I was 18 years old and I lost 15kg. I am now in my 30’s and I have started taking them again a couple of times of the past few years. They dont appear to have the same effect as when I was younger, I feel tired, scattered and unable to do my job. I do get irritable easy so I have decided to go the healthy eating and more excercise avenue.

  31. I started Duromine on New Years Day. Weightloss for me has been almost non existent evn though I was worling with a pt twice a week for 2hrs. I started on 30mg and going well,1st night no sleep I took it around 10 so have been mindful to take on waking. No sleeping issues since a nd I am an insomniac at times. All goung well until day 14 felt ok on rising went to start getting ready for work,felt a bit funny. Went to get something in my system quickly and came to in a puddle of milk on the floor. Ive never passed out before in my life and unsure whether it was this or low bp/sugar levels. Other than dry mouth no other major issues..

  32. I have been taking antidepressants for 2ys and wondered how on earth I cant lose the 8kg I have put on. I then had a light bulb moment and realised I need to get off them and dr gave me Duramine 30mg to kick start me off. Well!! what a change. I think I lost 2kg in the first day. My face is noticeable less puffy and not more fat ankles. I am happy with it and the side effects are manageable. I will reconsider them after my 8kg’s is gone.

  33. Hello. When deciding to stop taking duromine I become physically exhausted and just want to sleep. Like I’m on a ‘downer’. How do I come off it safely and not feel so exhausted? Could I take one every two days and then three days and so on?

  34. If you are prone to anxiety or have had anti-depressants before dont take this medication. I honestly would give anything to go back in time and do it differently. Eat well and exercise and set small goals of 5kgs at a time.

  35. is ma 2nd day now and i feel weak also i cnt eat even if i feel hunger. Today i notice that im sweating a lot although de fan is on so i want to knw if its a sign of de drug working or not and i hope i achieve ma ideal weight frm 80kg to 65kg on duromine 30mg!!!!

  36. I started on 15mls on Saturday. I weighed 75.4. Today is wed and I weigh 72.9. I’m eating all meals but have cut sugar and pasta from my meals. I’m a strict vegetarian who would have a lot of red bulls etc to get me through the day. I have no speedy feelings , no heart palpitations, constipation. I do feel different In my mouth and I’ve been drinking water a lot more. I was hoping for far more energy but I feel a little tired and heavy legged. I feel more calm but a bit removed like I’m on a anti depressant. I’ve gone for 1 swim and went for a small walk. I think my body is just concentrating on loosing all this weight! I figure you will loose midst of the weight in the first week. My goal is to be in early 60s as was my adult weight until I put on my weight 8 years ago whilst pregnant. Everyone is different I would suggest 15 Mls to anyone who’s thinking about it. 30mls can be a bit freaky with a lot of different side effects. I have my tablet 5-7am and have no problem sleeping. I hope this helps. X v

  37. I heard about doramine from my cousin so I thought I should try them since I have been struggling to lose weight for years but had put on a few kilos up to 120 kg. I have only taken 1 tablet but I am still awake at 1 am in the morning. I am also trying to fall pregnant so I wonder if I should continue using it

  38. Hi. i have used Duromine for the last 3 months and i lost 6 kilos without any exercise. i only took a pill every second day and that helps alot with the insomnia. I at allbran in the morning and big lunch (with duromine that will never be as big as usually) and no dinner (didn’t feel hunger at night times). i also drank 2 litres of water a day and that helps with the blood pressure and head aches. BUT you get withdrawal symptomes when you stop using duromine!! i got a migraine that lasted for a Week! no other pills helped for the migraine, you have to ride it out! i am finished with duromine for now.

  39. Just giving an update. I’m now 68.5 kilos from 75.4 kilos back in early march , can’t be any happier. I’m sleeping and eating well just right and other then some strolls it’s all been diet related. This stuff allows you to make the right decisions. I still felt hungry and enjoyed my meals, people on the higher dosage have to make them selfs eat. I’m hopefully off my sugar addition and enjoying my healthy food that is organic and healthy. The real test is when I go off it. I don’t feel out of it like I did a bit at the begginning ( could also be coming off sugar) . I have felt calm and not speedy. I hope this helps ask your go for the lower dosage as most of the negative comments come from the 3o/45 Mls plus seems doctors over look the lower and start at the 30mls.

  40. hi have been taking Duramine 40mg for one month have been been off them for d three weeks I have been left with bad side effects of aggrevation,itching head ,dizziness clumsiness ,confusion,forgetfulness ,overload of stress

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