What You Need to Know About Duromine

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Duromine is a very popular weight loss supplement that has been proven to be very effective at helping people lose weight. We will provide you with some of the most important information as it relates to Duromine.

Duromine is the name brand of the generic drug phentermine. Phentermine is a controversial drug that was prescribed for patients who are morbidly obese. To get  Duromine, patients often need to get it with a prescription from a doctor. This has changed over the years as there are many different websites that sell the drug. The main and only function of Duromine is to suppress the appetite. It is mainly prescribed to patients were considered to be morbidly obese and it is one of the few supplements that the FDA recognizes for the treatment of these patients. This drug is extremely powerful and it needs to be taken under the supervision of a doctor to avoid severe or fatal complications. Even though Duromine has been proven to be scientifically safe and effective, there are still some side effects that are associated with its use. It is because of these different side effects, why it is extremely important that the drug is taken under the supervision of a doctor. Generally Duromine is only available in Australia as well as other surrounding countries.

Duromine pills, available in three different strengths, these are: 15mg, 30mg, and 40mg. a doctor will usually determine the strength for a given patient. This is usually dependent on the patients health history. For patients who want to try the drug, a doctor may give them free samples as long as they meet the requirements. Duromine is recommended for short-term weight loss and should not be used for extended periods of time. Because of the possible serious side effects that could occur, it is only recommended that the drug be used for 12 weeks.

Features of Duromine

The weight loss supplement Duromine is only available as a prescription from a doctor. It is usually used to treat patients who have a BMI Index that is greater than 27, as well as people who suffer from obesity related conditions. These conditions are usually diabetes and high blood pressure. Phentermine is the main ingredient in Duromine and it will effectively change the brain chemistry and this will help in suppressing the appetite. Effectiveness of this medication is supported by various organizations and groups, one of which is the FDA. If used properly, as well as with a proper exercise and diet regimen, Duromine can help people reduce their BMI Index, however this is usually dependent from person to person.

Despite the great benefits that Duromine has, the ingredient phentermine is considered to be highly effective. As mentioned above, Duromine should only be taken up to 12 weeks. This drug would not be administered to people who have a history of drug addiction or prescription pills abuse. There are other side effects that are associated with Duromine such as diarrhea and impotence.

The Advantages of Duromine

  • Duromine is FDA approved.
  • It is has been proven clinically to be able to effectively suppress the appetite
  • Duromine is not made with any preservatives or gluten

The Disadvantages of Duromine

  • It is only prescribed for people who are obese or suffer from obese related conditions
  • It is only recommended for short term weight loss
  • It is addictive if taken for a long time
  • Many different side effects, some of which can be fatal
  • Only available in Australia and a few other countries.

Duromine Ingredients

Duromine contains a wide variety of ingredients, some of which are described below:

  • Phentermine, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium, Carbon Black, Lactosevliquid Paraffin, Gelatin, Brilliant Blue FCF, Iron Oxide Yellow.
  • Duromine’s 30mg capsules contain Brilliant Blue FCF and Iron Oxide Yellow. Their 40mg capsules contain Erythrosine and Sunset Yellow FCF.

In Closing

even though Duromine is approved by the FDA, the drug is not totally safe. There are many different side effects and it should not be used by people who are casually dieting. The drug is on a recommended for people who are morbidly obese or have obese related illnesses. The drug can only be obtained through a prescription from a medical doctor and they need to monitor the use of the product. It is extremely dangerous to take Duromine without a prescription and it is not a good solution for patients who are obese and want a quick fix to their weight problem.

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