How Effective is Duromine Really?

Sooooooo how effective is Duromine? It seems like it’s one of those magic pills, where all you have to do is pop one every day and the weight will simply melt away. In a sense, the pill kinda works like that, but there are a ton of different factors that can control the effectiveness of the pill.

Duromine is typically prescribed to people who are extremely fat or obese. The doctor will look at different factors and determine if this medication is the right option. Once it is determined that the patient fits the profile, he will prescribe the patient the pill, as well as explain the importance of adapting a healthy lifestyle.

Duromine’s popularity is attributed to the fact that it is an excellent hunger suppressant. Β Duromine works by releasing chemicals that alter the signals that reach the brain. The hunger signals are the main ones that are affected and what happens is that the brain is tricked into thinking that the body is full and that it does not need food. There are no hunger cravings and the physical desire to consume food is not there. This is pretty effective at helping people lose weight, as they will be eating less since the desire is not there. You will often find that patients who take the drug end up shedding a lot of weight over a couple of weeks.

Even though Duromine is highly rated as a good weight loss drug, it should be noted that there are many different side effects that pop up as a result of taking this medication. Some of these side effects can be very serious and for some, the pros of the weight loss do not outweigh the cons of the pills side effects.

Other Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of This Drug

I am pretty sure that when you go to the doctor, he will highlight how to use this drug and also the best ways in which to increase its effectiveness in helping you lose weight.

Two things that are going to need to change when taking Duromine is the fact that you are going to need to exercise more and your diet will also need to change.


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Exercise is extremely important when taking Duromine and the doctor is going to recommend that you get active and develop some type of workout regimen. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme, such as running marathons, but you definitely are going to need to do something that will get the heart pumping. You can start off doing something simple such as a 30 min. walk before dinner. This is pretty light and not intense and you would be surprised at the results that you would get if you do it on daily for a couple of weeks. The results would be even better when combined with a proper diet.

There are tons of other exercise activities from swimming, running, jogging, dance aerobics classes such as Zumba, yoga and the gym that you can do. Whichever one you choose, just be consistent with it. Exercise is the first step to a healthy lifestyle.


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Diet and exercise go hand in hand and when you are taking Duromine and if you want to lose weight, you best believe that your diet is going to have to change. When people think about diets, they believe that their life is confined to fruits and vegetables. While it is good to have a lot of healthy fruit and vegetables, a change in diet really means changing the way you eat. If you love all the wonderful things in this world, such as burgers, fries, ice cream, soda etc., then you need to cut back on them. These foods are a significant reason why weight is gained and they provide no healthy benefit to the body. Your focus should be on foods that are good for the body. Stay away from oily, fried, salty and high calorie foods. Even though they taste amazing J, they do more harm than good.

This is not only a short-term adjustment, but it is something that needs to be done as it will affect the rest of your life.

So Does Duromine Work?

The answer to the question will depend on many different variables. Generally, I would say that Duromine is pretty effective in helping people lose weight, especially when combined with the proper diet and exercise. When taking the pill, you will see weight loss, but if you have an unhealthy diet, don’t expect to lose a ton of weight. Once you are able to combine a healthy lifestyle along with a proper diet and exercise regimen, you should see the weight falling off after a couple of weeks.

There some people who take Duromine and lose no weight. In some instances, their body does not react properly with the drug and as such it is ineffective. This is why doctors will monitor how Duromine is working with the patient. If there is little to no weight loss, then the doctor may increase the dosage or try something different.

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  1. I ve used it and it really work I was 133kg and I went don to 127.5kg.I m currently still maintaing my weight ate the moment I m drinking the pill every 3rd day and I m doen to 119 kg in a period of 1 year 2 months and it’s not easy you need all the will power you have to get through this pill.

  2. I have been on duromine for 5 days now and when i weighed myself i have GAINED weight, whats going on? i have heard so many wonderful things about it. Does anyone have any answers for me

  3. I have been on it for 2 weeks now and lost 10 pounds. I have not worked out at all as of yet, but have noticed alertness most of the day-lots of energy, dry mouth, nasty taste in mouth, fast heartbeating most of the day, and at night I get extremely hot. It really does work in losing the weight but I’m concerned about my heart rate and I’m in excellent health and under 150 pounds. I’m just trying to get in shape for summer πŸ™‚ so far, so great!

  4. I have been on duromineyes for 15days now and yes i dont have appetite but i do feel hungry most of the time i only weight myself the 1st 5days and i did not see any changes but i feel should i give it more time as my doctor prescribed 3months usage for me,and yes sometimes i wake up i the morning because my sleepness is finished which is something that never happen to me before is this normal when taking the drug.

  5. I have been taking this drug for only 2 days and have slept only 3 hrs in that time. It is very effective at supressing my hunger but at what cost. I am also experiencing severe thirst & dry mouth. I cant drink enough water & feel like im dehydrated. will keep going to see if the effects calm, either that or i will pass out from sleep depravation.

  6. hey renee,
    the first couple of days i was on duromine i didn’t sleep at all, it was like my body was in this weird state of ‘sleep’ where i was laying down with my eyes wide open but my body switched off, not sure how to explain it. you should be okay in a few days.
    if not, you might be taking your pill too late in the day. i try not to take it any later than 8am otherwise i wont sleep.
    constant dry mouth though, only thing i can recommend is staying hydrated.

  7. I bought the Duromine but still dare not take it coz thinking of the side effects, like imsonia, vomiting,etc. Will it delay our period? Please advise how safe is duromine, will it cause death?

  8. How long does duromine take to work? im 75kgs 164cms iv been on it for 2 days, feel very alert and a dry mouth, but i dont usually have a big appetite anyway? is this going to work for me considering i dont eat much whether im on duromine or not?

  9. hi’all

    i have been using duromin for the past 12 days but i clearly see the difference. a drop in size, for the first 3 days i never slept. but trully it does suppress appetite even when you think of eating you cant stand the taste of any thing. but i still force myself to have atleast breakfast because i still need to keep healthy. i dont know if its the right thing. can somebody assist

  10. i have been using duromine for almost a month now and i have lost 10 pounds.anyway i just want to know if duromine has anything to do with me not seing my period this month,because i checked and im not pregnant.


  12. I have been on duromine for 5 days and I havent eaten anything.Drank lots of water and diluted some fruit juice with water

  13. Yes Duromine has side effects, all pills do. Difference is Duromine works!!!!!! Ive used it before and lost 7kg in a month. I never maintained my weight after I stopped the pill as I didnt know how. My doctor has put me on a 6 month course. 3 months Duromine to loose the weight fast, as stomach to shrink, then I will go onto Ciplatrim for 3 months to maintain the weight, as this is a slow weight loss pill. Im using duromine again and have lost 4 kgs in the first month, ……….with NO exercise, and as I am diabetic, I dont eat sugar or starch which benefits my wieght loss even more!

  14. yes!!!
    duromine will lose ur weight and even make ur boob smaller…
    can’t eat!!! just water water water!!!!
    but in my advise…. better check before take this!!!
    get some advise from ur doctor and get some sleeping pill and defecate pill….
    is hard to defecate when take this drug….
    enjoy ur duromine and lose ur weight in healthy way!!!!
    every breakfast have to take!!!! if not fast older will be!!!

  15. its my 3rd day on duromine 30 i feel normal with no side effects and i still get hungry and appetite. is there something wrong im doing because i have heard alot of wonderful things about the pill. im combining it with exercise i go joggin everyday and im desperate now. plz help!

  16. I literally just took it 47 minutes ago and i’m worried it wont work. After reading these comments i’ve calmed down a bit in regards to worrying about it working or not. The pharmacist recommended i take one every 2nd day in the first week just to warm my body up to the idea. So this is what i’m going to do and hopefully I get some sleep!!

  17. Have taken 2 pills over a period of 2 days now. I have a lot of energy, sleepless nights, irregular fast heart beat, dry mouth, always thirsty, unpleasant taste in my mouth. Am hoping the feeling will get better in due course.

    I am slim but have stored fat around my belly only doing stomach exercises now and wondering how this pill works cause am only targeting the belly (whether you loose overall weight or it goes directly where its needed?).

    Please share

  18. I was on Duromine 5days ago 30mg for 2days – felt no different accept dry mouth. feral taste in mouth and not able to fall asleep til 330am which REALLY sucks when I have to get up for work at 545am so I was late both days and so so tired. I’m a little less hungry during the day…. I guess… but I’ve actually been really hungry at night when I can’t sleep!

    I stopped being on it for the last 2 days… I dunno.. it was so so SO expensive I’m 99kg at 5ft 6in I DESPERATELY neet to loose at lease 25kgs… I’ve a 3mth script for this 30mg…I dunno.. should I be asking my doctor for the higher and max 40mg dose ..

  19. I am currently using duromine 30mg, its been three days and i have not seen any changes thus far, though my body does feel tingly and slightly dry mouth but other than that i dont see anything else, so should i give it some time or it wont work for me?

  20. Hi, i’ve been on 40mg Duromine for 6 days now. I’m 81kg, 180cm, 19yr old female.
    My appetite is slowling coming back, im still heaps thirsty though, my sleeping pattern has gone back to normal now.I take the pill about 6am in the morning. I still feel like i’m “coming down” in the afternoon and get aggrevated really easily but it soon fades.
    I havent really changed my eating habits i still have a small bowl of ceral in the morning then eat around 1pm a sandwhich or dimsim or some sort of small hot food from the university cafe and usually don’t eat dinner or if i do its tiny. Since i’m on the highest dosage how come i haven’t seen any results yet ?
    I talk to other people that notice change straight away. I don’t do much excerise but im still walking around a far bit.
    Can my body become ammune to Duromine this easily ? I only taken a form of illcit drugs twice in my whole life so i don’t know what it could be.

  21. I have been on Duramine for the past three days. I take it every second day no later than 7am. By the time night falls I feel tired but I cant sleep until eventually I fall asleep and have the most wonderful sleep. When I wake up I’m rested and I wake up before 7 without any issues. I was worried that if I skip a day I would end up binging the day I dont take the pill but I have to say this pill is remarkable, even on the days without the pill I still feel the same just minus the dry mouth. I do have some side effects…dry mouth (with a metallic taste that brings on bad breath) and energy surges (suppose its not a side effect) I havent been for number two since I’ve started but I will remedy that. The way I see it the benefits of this pill will hopefully far outweigh the side effects I’m experiencing. I cant wait to jump on the scale at the end of this week…but before that I’m going to start hitting the gym tonight to maximize my weight loss- hopefuly. I cant wait to feel that feeling again when you’ve lost some weight and you can fit into your old skinny clothes again…when the world is your oyster! Good Luck to everyone on Duramine, I wish you all the success in the world and I hope this pill will pay off for me too…

  22. Hi Lady’s

    Hope you are all well…

    Today is in first day of using Duromin and I am all excited for those of you who havent seen results as yet hang in there girls.

    A friend of mine suggested that to see results faster you have to at least do excesizes just 30 mins a day I mean this is far better then having to walk around weighing god knows how many ponds I say we live once so go for it lets give it a try who knows maybe in no time we will have a world of sexy mama’s Good Luck Girls πŸ˜‰ Do it for yourself!!

  23. tiffany,

    it could be the food you are eating. dimsims, bread, pretty much any canteen food is going to be terrible for you. since you are using duromine take advantage of it and take food to uni that you may not usually eat, like salad, tuna, raw vegetables etc and see if duromine makes a difference it how that sort of food satisfies you.

  24. Hey all

    I just took duromine a few mins ago but I don’t feel anything, I keep getting this burning sensation in my tummy and that usually means hunger pains coming! What am I doing wrong? I reali want this to work for me, its done wonders for my cousin. Am I too fat for this pill because I really don’t feel anything at the moment

    Help please!

  25. Hi guys!!!

    I started taking Duramine a week ago and have already lost 4 kilos! I gained 20 kilos while pregnant and no amount of diet change or exercise would help. This has been the only thing thats given me any hope. I have not exercised at all and have eaten a breakfst and little snacks during the days. I take my pill as soon as i get up in the morning and only sometimes have problems sleeping. I do however have a nasty taste in my mouth and dryness as well as sweating. These side effects are similar to to a “Come Down” after taking extasy or speed. I do not reccomend exercising too much on these pills as it can cause heart attacks and even death, as your heart is pumping so much faster than normal. A walk around the block with your dog or baby will do the trick. So far it has been great, apart from a certain time of the day where i feel like a zombie. But toward the end of the day it starts to wear off. I dont reccomend taking anymore than 40mgs as i have only heard BAD things. After losing this weight i am however worried that I will not be able to keep it off. I am also worried my body will adapt to this pill and lose its efrfectivness, but thats just me being anxious. Fingers crossed I can get my body back without frying my brain cells!! Loving this pill so far πŸ™‚

  26. I am on day 1, and gained 1.3 kgs since yesterday afternoon. I’m taking the generic, it’s priced differently everywhere, I’m on the 30 strength. I paid $90 for mine. I’m meant to be on this for two months before a check up. I’m 165cm tall and weigh now, 5.7 kgs. I am thirsty, and have symptoms of extremely high caffeine intake. I know I wont sleep much tonight, but my cravings for crap food were actually resistible. I don’t drink enough water, but I’ll be mixing in frequent exercise starting this weekend. I see a lot of unanswered questions here, if anyone reads this post down the line, I will have answers for you. Call me Chrissy. E-mail me at I don’t check this account often, set the subject to “bianca indie and mishka” and I will look out for it.

  27. oops 95.7 kgs, my bad. my goal weight is 72-74. I don’t know how long until I reach this weight, but my goal time frame is 8 months.

  28. duromine must be taken first thing in the morning or you will not sleep..its a metabolism booster while supressing your appetite…so you should have energy to burn..but this is not a magic pill and you will put all the weight back on plus some if you dont change ur habits. use this in conj with a good diet and exercise..even a little walking daily will help…but it all starts with the food in your pantry…high protein low carbs / no whites ie, white bread/pasta/cakes/biscuits etc and in 3 months you can lose 20-30 kilos…..if you dont combine diet and exercise with this course of pills then u may as well throw away your $100 + or go buy more fat clothes cause it aint gonna work!


  30. Hi, i just want to share with everyone that Duromine does have side effects. For me, i got headaches, feeling nauseous and insomnia. The headache to me is fine, but it was the vomiting part and insomnia part that sucks. Because when you have the vomit feeling but as you force-vomit yourself, only air will come out so it’s sort of like a false alarm. The first time i took it, my insomnia was really terrible. I was only able to sleep for 2 1/2 hours. But Duromine works really fast! I lose like 1kg everyday. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps for the first timers!

  31. I am on Duromine for 2 weeks, really suppresses your appetite but for me there wasn’t any weight loss -.- maybe because I don’t really eat a lot so doesn’t make much difference… the only good thing is I don’t feel hunger like before.

  32. i ve been on duromine for 4days now,lost 1kg already with exercise,cardio n weights,1st day sites effects of palpitations,no dry mouth,drink 3litre h2O dly or more,not suppressing my appetide,still same as b4

  33. Hi, I started yesturday and have been feeling great! I have energy to burn and have not felt hungry. I am usually I very tore person but this has helped! I can’t seem to sit still also. I can feel that my heart is beating faster so I’m scared to do any intense exercise. I lost 2.5kgs overnight :)! Let’s hope it stay this way

  34. I have on duromine for the past 2 weeks and am loving it!!! I didn’t sleep for the first 3 days but that stopped and I am now getting 7 hours a night sleep πŸ™‚ I have had no other side effects and have lost 8kgs!!!! I think it comes down how much you really want this tablet to work for the best not sitting there waiting for the bad things to happen. I have not once thought about anything negative and am having a very successful time already on it. Good luck ladies and remember to stay focused on what you really want out of this tablet and work your butts off to achieve it xxoo

  35. Hi All

    I’ve been on duromine now for exactly ONE WEEK and lost 4kgs with no excercise I’ve noticed my stomach has gone just a tad. I did have a zombie moment yesterday at work as soon as I got home I rested and felt better. This week I’m stepping it up by walking for 30mins 4 days a week. Then week after increase it by 15mins etc.
    My plan is to take it only for 3 months.
    Side effects so far is dry mouth and sweating. I’m currently taking the 15mg I do not plan to take the higher mg as it has more side effects.
    It won’t work over night but it will work.

  36. I’m just starting my 3rd day on Duromine 40mg and so far so good. I’ve only been able to sleep 4 hours the last couple of nights but am coping fine with that because of the energy it gives me when I take it the next day. Most reviews I’ve read indicate that your sleeping patterns return to normal within 3-5 days.

    I weighed myself after the first 24 hours and had lost 1.7 kilos!!! STOKED and looking forward to weighing myself again today (I know you shouldn’t weigh yourself every day – but meh). If you’re not eating (or in my case drinking shakes) then you won’t lose weight for ages because your body goes into starvation mode and stores the fat cells instead of expelling them (or so I’ve heard). If you’re finding it hard to eat try meal replacement shakes or something in liquid form)

    I’ve done no exercise and I’m finding it hard to eat – so I’ve been using the celebrity slim shakes for 3 meals a day as they go down easy and have the 25 essential daily vitamins and minerals which I feel is important. I’ve been drinking stacks of water because of the dry mouth which is good to flush out the toxins etc from the body. I plan to start introducing bananas into my diet today as I’ve been reading about how potassium is good for helping lower blood pressure. I’ve also read that hibiscus Tea works well for this too – but I don’t like it.

    I’m 161cm and starting weight was 83kg (now 81.3 – YAY). I need to drop down to 65kgs to get out of the obese BMI category, so fingers crossed. Good luck all!

  37. ALSO!! I’ve seen people writing about still being hungry. I don’t get this. My stomach feels empty and is very grumbly late at night and in the morning – but I am in no way hungry. It’s a actually a really strange feeling to hear those stomach sounds and not ‘need’ to eat. Some of you might be confusing hunger with those tummy grumbles because they usually go hand-in-hand. Before you eat something other than your 3 meals a day stop and think about it. Are you really hungry? Or do you just think you are because your tummy is grumbling?

  38. Hey All this is my second time on duromine 30mg, when i first went on it i lost something like 10 kgs in my first month, i walked 16kms a day 8 in the morning and 8 at night…… i was going really well on it.. i’d have a supplement shake in the morning as i really dont get time to sit and eat with two children and i would get lite and easy sort of meals for lunch and dinner…. i would snack on fruit during the day and have at least 1.5lts of water per day (any more and i felt like i was drowning) this really does work but you really do need to change the way you eat (i come from a big “woggy” family servings are massive!!!) and the way you exercise! the only reason i stopped taking it was as i was on my usual morning walk with my 50kg rottwieler another dog on the other side of the road (without a leash) came bounding towards my dog and instantly she thought it was play time she dragged me half way across the road and pulled my achilles tendon as i tried to put my weight into the ground to stop her from pulling….. now i have been off duromine for 6 months and i had my first dose today…. iam 169cms and 91.5kgs im looking to get down in the low 70’s… my goal is 20kgs before my 25th bday in 14 weeks i know it can be done… just a lot of will power is needed… try an online diary, show people what you are capable of and be honest with yourself… just dont get disheartened to quickly if you dont see results straight away…. the usual time on duromine is 3 months… as for the side effects i didnt really experiance any other than high energy amounts that i had trouble burning off….
    if you are like me and are a stay at home mummy…… find new ways to do your washing while hanging it on the line, i stand there and go up to tip toes while hanging something up then come down while i am looking for the next item of clothing to hang out i even do this while doing the washing up…. dance while you are vacuuming if you must but just keep moving the more you move the mpore you loose…

    this really hasnt given any answers other than it does work when given the chance… this is just my little input…… im wishing you all luck on your weight loss journey!!!!!

  39. Hi!! I have 6days using this pills the first 2days I hardly slept and I was always full,did not eat anything only fruits and drinking lot of water,but now I get hungry most of the time.and people say I’m gaining more weight,WHAT am I doing wrong?

  40. This is my second day of jagging the lil’ pill πŸ™‚ so far I am only experiencing alertness, full of energy πŸ™‚ i take it very early in the morning at 5am and had a sound sleep sofar πŸ™‚ the only thing bothering me is the profuse sweating, positively i believe it is the metabolism hike πŸ™‚ imagine ur peptin does not tell ur brain to store energy and for 24 hours, u’re burning all the stored fats, awesome!

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