What Are The Short Term and Long Term Effects of Duromine

People who want to take or are currently taking Duromine often wonder what the side effects of the drugs are. They especially want to know what are the short term and long term effects associated with this specific drug.

Duromine is a weight loss drug that is used to control and reduce the weight of overweight and obese people. The doctor will determine if you are the right candidate based on your weight, obesity, blood pressure and other factors.

Duromine works by blocking chemicals to the brain that is responsible for hunger. The appetite suppressant will allow the person to not feel as hungry and as a result, eat less.

Duromine Short Term Effects

There will be short term effects in taking Duromine and they might be mild or severe depending on the person.

  • You will feel more alert than usual.
  • Patients who take the pill may have problems sleeping
  • Your blood pressure may increase
  • The heart rate might increase

Aside from that there are other side effects associated with Duromine and these include headaches, feelings of euphoria, chest pains, dry mouth, bad taste in the mouth, tiredness, depression, restlessness, irregular heart beats, impotence, lack of sex drive, bad taste in the mouth, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, shaking, constipation, skin rashes, problems urinating and possible swelling of the face.

Duromine Long Term Effects

The long term effects of taking Duromine may differ from person to person. There are also no long term studies that have been conducted to show what the side effects could be. However the drug should be avoided if

  • Pregnant
  • Planning on getting pregnant
  • Have diabetes
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have heart disease.

There is also the possibility of people having a dependency on the drug

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  1. Hi
    I have been takn duromine 15ml for a month
    I lost a jeans size , wasn’t that much side effects only for the first 3 days
    I now want to start takn da 30ml , I would like to know if it will work
    From the stories I’ve heard about if I am pregnant or planing on falling pregnant
    I should not take duromine , because of the long term effects
    I’m only 22 I’m nt planning to fall pregnant soon
    But obviously one day when I’m married . I want to know if it will
    Effect me in the future when I am planning on having a baby
    Awaiting your response

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