The Right Way To Take Duromine


When taking Duromine it is very important to follow the directions that are given to you by the pharmacist or doctor. This information may be totally different from what is found in the informational leaflet.

  • The instructions that come with the Duromine pills should be read and followed as stated.
  • If you do not understand the information that is contained in the pamphlets, please ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain properly.
  • The doctors directions should be followed exactly and the patient should never change the dose themselves.
  • The increase in dosage of Duromine may cause a person to lose more weight at a quicker pace, whether they may experience severe side effects.
  • Duromine should not be given to children under 16 years of age.

How to Take Duromine

  • The normal dose of Duromine daily is one capsule. This may change depending on the doctor.
  • The capsules should be swallowed whole and should be taken with a lot of water.
  • The capsules should not be chewed or opened.
  • Duromine should be the first thing that is taken in the morning. This is done as it will not keep you up at night.
  • If you forget to take Duromine during breakfast, it should be taken no later than lunch. This is due to the fact that Duromine will keep you up at night.
  • To get the best effect, it is recommended that Duromine is taken at the same time every day.
  • Duromine does not have to be taken before or after you eat.
  • This product is not recommended for children or elderly people.
  • This medication should not be taken longer than what is prescribed by the doctor.
  • A double dose of Duromine should not be taken if you missed a dose.

7 thoughts on “The Right Way To Take Duromine”

  1. I have been taking metermine (chemist own brand of duromine) for 3 days & i do not feel a boost of energy at all, no dry mouth NOTHING!! normal im still hungry but only eat healthy same portions. When should one take the pill first thing in the morning before or after brekkie or with….my partner took a pill & he had a real boost of energy & very sweaty…. Is this pill going to work for me????

  2. Hi
    I’ve used duromine for a month and i only managed to loose 2kg. I am supposed to collect my second month supply. Duromine does not suppress my apetite at all. i have been drinking lots of water and tried eating smaller portions and lots of fruit. Is it advisable to collect my 2nd months supply. I have been using using the duromine 30 and wondered if i take 2 tablets a day if this will maybe help. i am about 15 kg overweight. Marilyn

  3. i am experiencing severe nauseau and weakness. what can I do to overcome these ????. I have lost 1.2 kg in 5 days…

  4. i have been on duromine for 3 weeks now and have lost 7kg
    in the first week i ate about 2days worth of food and lost 5kg was awake alertshaking dry mouthed and extremely talkative and energenic. it has also made me extremely emotional i cry over the smallest things lol
    the second week it started to ease up and i was hungry more offten but arter only eating a 1/4 of what was there i was full again, i work out every day now to help the weight loss and to make sure i sleep at night, it really does help to do something while on them. i get headaches and dizziness but the go away after i eat or have a weight loss shake.
    hopeing to lose upto 30kg in 6 months on the 40mg.
    im also on duromine so i can go in and have exploritary sergury to see if i have endometriosis because they wont do it now because i have to go under.

  5. I’ve been on duromine for 5 weeks and have lost 15kg. I haven’t relied on the duromine to do all the work for me which is why I have it good results. I started by incorporating just half an hour or exercise a day (cardio) ow I do two sessions a day and have a few rest days druring the week. I have also changed my diet. I get up and have breakfast at 4 in the morning before work and don’t go to sleep before 9 at night. Basic meal plan I have with slight alterations dependant on what I can get.
    Breakfast(0400) poached eggs with half a grilled tomato and a sausage.
    Snack 1(0800) 1 boiled egg
    Snack 2(1000) 1 boiled egg
    Lunch various times between 11 and 1 equivelant 1 cup lite curry or some type of protein source
    Snack 3(approx 2.30) 1 boiled egg
    Snack 4 (approx 4.30) 1boiled egg
    Dinner (approx 7.30) med well steak and about half to a cup of steamed veg
    *I drink 3 litres of water 1.5ltrs in the morning and then 1.5ltrs in the afternoon plus 2 glasses of water with each main meal

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