Is Duromine a Reccomended Weight Loss Supplement

Duromine is a weight loss drug that is very effective at suppressing the appetite. It is usually prescribed to individuals who are obese or those who have illnesses related to their obesity. Duromine tablets contain the controversial active ingredient called phentermine. The phentermine contained in Duromine is mixed with a special type of resin that causes a slow release of the medication. This will be done throughout the day and it affects the brain where an individual will not feel hungry. To be really effective, it is highly recommended that Duromine is used along with a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen.

Duromine is a really effective when it comes to helping people lose weight. Because it is so effective, most people want to know if Duromine is a recommended weight loss supplement.

There are certain guidelines that make Duromine effective and they are listed below:

The Best Candidates for Duromine

Duromine is one of the best weight loss medications for people who are considered to be morbidly obese or extremely overweight. Individuals who have a BMI of over 27 are the ones who are considered for this drug. This drug is also administered to people who are suffering from weight related illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

How Does Duromine Work?

Duromine works by suppressing the appetite. The desire for food is lessened as the active ingredient, phentermine, is able to affect the central nervous system. There are similarities between phentermine and amphetamine. As a result of this, some people who take Duromine report increased levels of energy.

Typical Side Effects

When taking Duromine, there are some common side effects. Some of these side effects include restlessness, exhaustion, headaches, weakness, exhaustion, euphoria, sleeplessness, lack of sex drive, increased blood pressure, feeling lightheaded, dry mouth, impotence, dysphoria, diarrhea, and constipation.

How to Take Duromine

People who have been prescribed Duromine, should take it once daily. It is a recommended that Duromine be taken either before or after breakfast, usually two hours after the meal has been served. Duromine should be taken early in the day as it can give individuals insomnia or an increase in energy.

Duromine Overdose

There is a possibility of individuals overdosing on Duromine, especially if they take more than what is recommended. It is very important that people consult with their doctors to find out what is the appropriate dosage. People who overdose on Duromine will often suffer from depression, arrhythmia, confusion, panic attacks, hallucinations, high or low blood pressure, vomiting and a higher breathing rate. If you believe you have overdosed on Duromine, you should seek medical attention immediately.


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delina - December 12, 2009

can you use durmaine and realy slim together

Double Headboard · - November 8, 2010

i always get constipation because most of the time i do not eat enough dietary fibers ..

tiffany - February 28, 2011

could i only get it from the

Ivandee - March 24, 2011

hi Tiffany

yes your GP can prescribe it, i used it twice in cojunction with a weight loss programme, it was fantastic, my doctor also gave me eltroxin with it to help your thyroid.

Ria - May 4, 2011

im on triphasil(pill) and just stared using Duromine.Is it safe

megan - June 3, 2011

Can you take duromine when on anti depressents

nyasha - June 29, 2011

can u take duromine whilst you are breast feeding

Busi - August 15, 2011

I have in Duromine for the past week and I see the difference. The side effect that I have experienced was when I started taking it I had sleepless nights but now I am okey. I really does work.

Jay12angel - August 22, 2011


Duromine Warnings
Patients with the following conditions should not use Duromine.

■An allergy to ingredients that are usually contained in Duromine.
■Are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding
■Are taking any prescription or nonprescription medicine, dietary supplements or herbal preparations
■Allergic to foods, medicines and other products
■Have hardening of the arteries, diabetes, high blood pressure, high lipid levels, high cholesterol or spinal or brain disorder.

Amber - September 15, 2011

Is anyone taking duromine with high blood pressure??
What’s the cost of it?

duromine addict - September 22, 2011

Duromine doesn’t work I’ve used it for 3months and I haven’t seen any changes, I think I’m getting worse.

Tonderai - October 14, 2011

Can i buy Duromine over the counter?

susan - October 17, 2011

what are the side effect of taking duromine while breast feeging.

Dan - November 25, 2011

Hey Guys im only just new to this and on my 2nd day of taking Duromine was wandering does any1 know how long it takes before it actually starts taking effect…i know its a stupid question but i just thought i’d ask…lol

Florah - December 5, 2011

Is it safe to take duromine tablet 3 times a day? My doctor recommended that dose for me but I just want to comfirm.

Nonhle Thabethe - March 6, 2012

I’ve been taking Duromine for seven days and I have lost 6kg, so I’m referring to the duromine addict, she is doing something wrong, remember you need to exercise, atleast walk around the block for atleast 30mins, so that It can work.

I drink lots of water and have my 5fruits a day, and veggies when I feel hungry.

Bt I ve got a question I sweat a lot now, is it duromine?

Domini - December 31, 2012

I’ve been on Duromine 30mg for 1 month now and I’ve lost 6.5kg and I’m on 1200 cal a day.

Thando - March 1, 2014

I started using duromine for the past 3day ,I fell sleepness during the nyt ,dry mouth and drink lot of woter .I jst wnt to knw if it normal to fell dat way and how long it gonna take .


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