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Here is general information related to Duromine Tablets. Everything that individuals want to know about this weight loss drug can be found here.

Duromine Drug Interactions

People should exercise caution when using duromine as it can interact with a host of other medications. People who are using sympathomimetic agents should use Duromine with extreme caution. If they are taking hypoglacaemic drugs or insulin, they need to proceed with caution. Duromine has been shown to interact negatively with drugs such as guanethidine, […]

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Duromine Overdose

It is quite possible to overdose on Duromine, especially if the drug it is not taken following the guidelines set by the doctor. ┬áIf an overdose of the drug is suspected, then it is very important for the individual to seek medical attention, IMMEDIATELY. This is not something that you should sit around with at […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Duromine

Many people who are considering taking Duromine or actively taking it want to know what the advantages and disadvantages are. These will be listed below: Advantages of Taking Duromine Proven to suppress the appetite Very effective at helping overweight people lose weight The capsules are gluten free Disadvantages of Taking Duromine Many adverse side effects […]

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Duromine Ingredients

For many of you who will be or are taking Duromine, it would be a good idea to find out exactly what ingredients are found in the tablet. Some of you may be allergic to certain compounds and many of you want to know if it contains gelatin or gluten. Ingredients found in a Duromine […]

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