Advantages and Disadvantages of Duromine

Many people who are considering taking Duromine or actively taking it want to know what the advantages and disadvantages are. These will be listed below:

Advantages of Taking Duromine

  • Proven to suppress the appetite
  • Very effective at helping overweight people lose weight
  • The capsules are gluten free

Disadvantages of Taking Duromine

  • Many adverse side effects
  • Can only be prescribed by a doctor and for patients who meet a certain criteria
  • Addiction can occur, only intended for short term weight loss.
  • Only available in Australia and surrounding regions.

2 thoughts on “Advantages and Disadvantages of Duromine”

  1. Duromine for me was a nightmare never again will i try to lose weight taking these kind of drugs. I only took 1 capsule and I had no sleep for 24 hours didn’t eat much as I wasn’t hungry then I cried over anything I’ve had to have 3 days off work, I feel that I wasted $110 as I can’t have them, and all the doctor can say is oh well there not for you then I will not recomend these to people who want to lose weight.

  2. August, I went to the doctor three weeks before my brothers wedding and started duromine. By the date of the wedding I had lost 9 kilo’s. (which was great, except my bridesmaid dress was too big for me on the day). i managed to keep off the 9kgs and even lost 6 more kg’s in the next month. October, I lost my job and i managed to put back on 5 kilos’s with depression. I started a new job and went back on duromine, except this time, i felt nothing and didn’t lose anything, instead I gained more kilo’s because i started eating more, (especially unhealthy foods). by March i had put back on the weight i had lost. I’m giving duromine one last chance to work me wonders, expect this time, i tend to “exercise” and eat “healthy”. I started today, and i had the energy to workout for and hour and a half at the gym and felt amazing afterwards. by the afternoon i got a bit of a headache, (which i think is from being tired), and i have only eaten, 1 ladle of porridge for breeky, 2 apples and a pear. and i tend to have some red meat and vege’s for dinner so i have some protein and carbs in my system for tomorrow’s workout. on that note, i cannot wait to see the result by the end of the week. i know i won’t be disappointed.
    i recommand anyone to use this “drug” ONLY if they are prepared for the side affects. and i only recommand doing it a month at a time, when needed. plus it’s so much easier if you are “single” and don’t have anything in the way of irritating you. give it a go, if its not for you, you’ll soon enough know.

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