Help! Prescribed Duromine and it is Not Working

Duromine is Not Working
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Have you been prescribed Duromine and been taking them for a while and not seeing any effects? Are you worried that the tablets are not working and it has just been a waste of money? I will highlight a couple of the reasons why it may seem that Duromine tablets are not working and give it a read and see if anything applies to you.

There could be other reasons why the tablets are not working and you should always consult with a doctor to see what options are available to you.

Give it Time

Give Duromine Time to Work

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You will definitely not see results the first day and honestly, a week isn’t long enough to get a good idea to see if Duromine is working or not. It takes some time for the pills to kick and I would say that you will need a minimum of three weeks to judge the effectiveness of this medication.

You have to remember that you did not gain all this weight, so it will also take some time for the weight to come off.

However, if you are taking it and still feeling extremely hungry, then go back to the doctor and explain what is happening

Duromine is not a Magic Pill

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Unfortunately, there aren’t some people who believe that once they take Duromine, the weight should magically start to fall off. This is far from the truth as Duromine is an appetite suppressant and not a cure all magic pill. This means that it controls your hunger cravings and you basically should have a desire to eat less. If you are eating less, as well as eating food that is very healthy and working out, then you should have no problem seeing the weight fall off very quickly. Even if you do not have serious hunger cravings like before, but still are eating fatty, fried and generally unhealthy food, then you will not see any progress. The key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you are consuming. So for example: Duromine could give you the desire to eat maybe 1000-1200 calories of food. If you supplement it with low calorie foods such as salads, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, you would be on your way to burning way more than you are consuming. This is amplified if you workout for 30 minutes a day, the weight should start to fall right off.

Maybe the Body Has Adjusted to it

Image Credit: C. G. P. Grey w/CC License
Image Credit: C. G. P. Grey w/CC License

The more you take Duromine, is the more your body adapts to it. This is the reason why it is prescribed for short-term use only, simply because it becomes less effective over time (as well as a higher chance for addiction to occur). It is pretty common for this appetite suppressant to lose its effects weeks after you first took it. If you find that this is happening, then it is a good idea to go consult with your Dr. They made a that you might need a higher dosage or the treatment has run its course.

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