Duromine Review

Duromine has been around for a long time and during that period it has gained a reputation as being an effective weight loss drug. I will give a short review of Duromine for people who want to learn more about the drug.

What is Duromine?

Duromine is a popular weight loss drug that is prescribed to patients who are morbidly obese. It is the brand name for the very controversial diet supplement known as Phentermine. This particular drug cannot be purchased over the counter and can only be accessed with a prescription from a doctor. There are many websites that sell this drug, without the need of a prescription.

The main function of Duromine is to suppress the appetite, which in turn leads to weight loss. The good thing about this tablet is that it is recognized by the FDA as a proper treatment for morbidly obese patients to suppress the appetite. However it needs to be taken under the supervision by a doctor due to the amount of side effects that could occur.

Duromine has been proven to be very effective; however there are many different side effects that come with taking this pill. This is why it is very important that it is taken under the supervision of a doctor.

More About Duromine

The Duromine tablet comes available in three different dosages, these are: 15mg, 30mg, and 40mg. When a patient goes in for their consultation the doctor will determine what dosage is right for the patient.

Duromine contains gelatin, however it is free of preservatives and gluten. Patients who are interested in the drug may try free samples if you make a request for it and also meet the requirements.

Aside from other dietary supplements, Duromine is really intended for short term use. This should be strictly followed and usage should not exceed over 12 weeks.

Duromine is an effective appetite suppressant that works on the brain

Recognized as being a prescription appetite suppressant, Duromine works by:

Making the brain believe users hunger levels are reduced.
Breaking down stored fat, using the body’s natural fat cells.

Available only to severely overweight patients who have been prescribed Duromine by their doctors, Duromine can effectively help users who have struggled to lose weight in the past by offering them this initial helping hand.

Users who have used this supplement have consistently experienced a weight loss of 1-2lbs a week, when they combined them with a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

Recent studies have shown that 30% of users who have taken this supplement have developed abnormal heart valves.

Is Duromine safe?

Duromine is safe to a certain degree, but one should take into account the list of warnings and guidelines that should not be taken lightly.

Increased blood pressure, palpitations and blurred vision – these are just a few of the many negative side effects Duromine can cause. In particular the discovery that Duromine in 30% of cases has contributed to the development of abnormal heart valves, makes its prescription only status completely understandable.

But these unfortunately are just lower end of the scale of problems Duromine can cause.

It’s attributions to being a Schedule IV controlled substance for instance, is another clear example that users of this supplement, should only try it with caution.

Negative side effects of Duromine

Dry mouth
High blood pressure
Blurred vision

Advantages of Duromine

  • Duromine has been proven as an effective drug when it comes to appetite suppression
  • It has been FDA Approved
  • No glutens or preservatives are included with this tablet

Disadvantages of Duromine

  • Duromine is only used for obese patients who are looking for short term weight loss.
  • It is only prescribed to people who meet a certain criteria.
  • There are a host of side effects; quite a few that are serious.
  • This tablet is only available in Australia and surrounding regions.

To wrap things up, Duromine is an effective weight loss drug for people who are obese and need to lose weight. It is a FDA approved drug, however it is not totally safe. There are many serious side effects that can occur when taking this drug and for that reason it should be avoided by casual dieters. For people who are morbidly obese or have obesity-related illnesses, Duromine is just one of the many options available. A doctor will need to determine if a patient qualifies to be prescribed this drug. Because it is developed for morbidly-obese people, Duromine should not be taken without a prescription. It is also not a short term solution for people who want to lose weight.

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  1. where can i get duromine? how much is it? i am overweigt and want to loose even 5kg before december, please help

  2. hi,i’ve been taking duromone for the last 5mnths on&off.recently i’ve been getting terrible headaches and also vomiting which never happened before.can it be the drug.i do skip wks in between without taking it.happy to say that i’ve lost 10kg

  3. most fatsos who take this shit would be better off killing themselves… why lower yourself to junky status? all it is is an amphetamine like substance….

  4. Hey Iv taken duromine before and have recently had another child and I found it to be great, bountiful energy and I was never hungry, fo it made it easy to stay away from those bad foods we all crave, and with the energy I ran my little heart out and I found I lost weight. Unfortunatly you cant control were you loose the weight my upper body became extreemly lean but my target areas love handles and that belly :S well it didnt go away completly πŸ™ my friend how ever has been on the stuff for about a year thanks to some dodgy doctor….. and well she is when from a size 14 16 to a 6 8 and she hasnt changed to much behavoural wise and the only complaint I had was at frist I had the shakes i couldnt stop trempling and of course the dry mouth but water fixed that soo now i am getting more then enough water πŸ˜‰

    If you are going to try it make sure you know the risk and dont just use this as an easy way out make sure you use duromine to change your bad eating habbits and make sure you start excersising or you’ll never loose the weight πŸ˜€

  5. I am 19 nearly 20 and overweight due to weight gain and being unable to shift this weight through exercise and a healthy diet i am considering trying duromine as i have heard good things about it and im really considering it but i am unsure on it…

  6. Duromine has helped me lose 14 Kg, this is an amazing weight lose supplement, but can cause some severe dehydration, causing constipation and also bowel obstruction. MOST IMPORTANT awareness of duromine s that you need to drink at least 2 L of water a day when taking the supplement. Duromine is only to be taken for 3 months no longer as doctors and FDA don’t know the lasting side effects if you continue to take it any long after the 3 months, i would recommend taking it under a GP’s advice and close monitoring. i never used to do any exercise or healthy eating my i can now swim 2 km’s a day and also walk for a hour a day. THIS STUFF IS GREAT but just be careful.

  7. Am thinking about trying to get Duromine.Had an injury a few years ago.Was never able to gain weight.Now,after numerous cortisone injections,I gained 30kg! I’ve tried diets and alway’s exercise but I am very low on energy and find it impossible to loose that beer belly (I don’t drink!).Maybe Duromine is the way to go?

  8. I’ev been taking Duromine fo about 2 wks now and the weight is coming off gradually. Iam now able to wake up at 5am and run 3km every morning. I am aware of the side efects but i think that by regular exercse the benefits for me will outweigh the side effects.

  9. Hi, I have an autistic daughter that is 19 and overweight, She is constantly eating and I am very worried about her weight.I asked my doctor if she could tell me if there is anything that my daughter could have to stop her cravings for food, she doesn’t to realize when she is full. The doctor suggested that she try the duromine but I am a bit sceptical as I have been doing some research on it and the side effects aren’t good. Her being Autistic I don’t know how she would handle the side effects or even realize what the side effects were. She doesnt sleepwell at the best of times and one of the side effects is insomnia. I don’t know what else to do.

  10. I thought that duromine had been taken off the market, i used it and it does work but the sad fact is the weight comes back ten fold when you stop using it.Is back on the market i would like to no

  11. Iv been on Duromine for 5 days now and my heart beat / rate keeps changing some times i feel my blood pressure is too low and at other times i feel its too high, is this normal should i ignore these side effects or should i just continue? has anyone felt the same? and how long will this last for? im only planning on taking duromine for 30 days. please advise.

  12. Hi all,

    I’ve been reading the forums lately in relation to Duromine and its side effects and feedbacks from other users. I’ve used Duromine once before back in 2009. Before you jump to conclusions and point out that I’m too lazy to exercise; I would like you to know that back in 2009, I was an avid gym member with a membership at California Fitness. I had been exercising for a long time, almost a year; but I found it daunting to keep off my weight even with a more balance diet. I was 163cm and 67kg. Even the gym instructor was puzzled and did and in-body analysis for me and I realized upon that, that I had a rather high volume of muscle content at 64%. Here’s the funny part, though I was apparently muscular for a girl, I was found to be suffering from Low Metabolism Rate. I extended my gym membership for another year. As mentioned earlier, the first year was pretty fruitless. On the second year, I grew desperate and decided to try out Duromine. With a lot of exercise (cardio and weights) on a frequent basis of 4-5 days a week. I managed to lose a large amount of weight, from 67kg to 58kg. However, I piled the weight back on over the next two years due to unhealthy eating habits and I grew to 73kg. Duromine worked very well for me with almost no side effects at all. However, a week ago, i started on my 30mg Duromine again. I have lost 3.2kg within 8 days with a lot of exercise and with a significant change of my diet and calories consumed. However, this time round, I’m not as fortunate. The past 3 days has been horrible for me. I have been having breathing difficulties, acid reflux, stomach cramps, stomach upset, and bad mood swings and anxiety. I’m really dsheartened as all this side effects didnt occur during my first experience with Duromine. I don’t wish to stop as it has been working well for me but will there be high risks for me? I had a high intensity workout earlier at the gym and had the side effects almost immediately after.

  13. Bill,

    You’re the most ignorant, unkind and pathetic person I’ve ever met. I bet you’ve never been very popular yourself which is why you have to come to a forum like this to verbally attack the people here who, ironically, are filled with bountless positivity and goals.

    First and foremost, being fat is better than being ugly and being ugly on the surface is better than being ugly on the inside. Judging from your remarks and your limited range of vocab, I gather you’re not very bright, are you?

    Next time, before you insult the people here and ask us to kill ourselves. Take a look a yourself at the mirror.
    Our lives are way more fulfilling and important than getting demoralized someone like you, someone so insignificant.

    In case you might want to know, I’m not a “Factso” and i’m definitely above average in the looks department and I will like to use this opportunity to encourage everybody else here to keep up with the good work and work towards a better future.


  14. Ive been taking Duromine for 9 days now, and this is my experience on it.
    I still get hungry, but I am able to stop eating a meal once the hungry feeling has gone, instead of eating until I am feeling full. This will soon become a habit, so when I come off the tablets, my stomach will have shrunk and I wont need as much food which will aid in keeping the weight off. I eat cereal and skim milk for breakfast, yoghurt for morning tea, salad for lunch, fruit for afternoon tea, and a lean dinner with no carbs.
    My energy has increased, but it hasnt given me bountiful energy that I cant sit still. Its more of a lasting energy, and Ive noticed that I can do my houswork (I have 4 children), do my study, exercise, and walk 4kms (return trip) to pick my older kids up from school, and by dinner time Im not as exhausted as I usually am and I am able to get a few extra things out of the way before bed (e.g. ironing). I havent had any trouble sleeping (maybe because I do a lot during the day?) and I am getting 7 hours of sleep every night. This extra energy I have now should help me increase my fitness, so when I stop taking it my fitness will be high, also helping me to not put the weight back on. I have become very thirsty, especially in the first few days where I was drinking 4L of water. Now Im drinking 2-3L every day. One day I didnt drink enough, and got some of the side effects mentioned above, but as soon as I drank a lot of water the side effects went away.
    I think this drug is fantastic in helping people change their habits. If youre determined to use this as a life changing tool, and take the steps to form new, long lasting habits then it can be really useful. Ive read so many forums and the people experiencing bad side effects havent drank enough water or eaten enough. I would recommend it to anyone needing help to kick start their weightloss.
    Oh, and finally in 9 days I have lost 4.7kgs.

  15. thank you Suede,i think you put that beautifully,Bill is obviously as you described, and immature and arrogant with too much time on his hands too,i am not a “fatso” either- whatever his percieved definition is??? how many kilos? how much self loathing and depression? I am not unattractive either,people need to change their perception of what beauty is,thanks for piping up!!! πŸ™‚

  16. Well have been taking Duromine as a result of over weight but i kinda of had a little problem with it…it makes me feel so weak and tired with dry mouth and heart pains. Well i dnt think i can take it again because i felt like dead even though i was alive. I wish to reduse weight naturally by exercising.

  17. I have been taking duromine for about 1.5 months now, i have been losing weight gradually for the past six months as i am getting married in 2 months.
    I know duromine is only for short term effects and i will most probably put some weight back on after i finish. But i am now in a routine where even though im not hungry at all, i have set small meals that i eat every day. Brekky lunch and dinner, with some dried nuts/seeds/fruit or low fat yoghurt for a snack in between and i rotate what i eat every week mixing it up a little.
    I just make sure i only eat high-carbs in the morn (such as bread) and never any later in the day, i have fruit or general salad for lunch and steamed vegis with fish or stirfry some lean beef strips with a little sesame oil in a pan with vegis. Or… lean chicken for dinner. The amount of food is restricted to a small plate or bowl, and probably would fit into cupping both of your hands. If i realllly want a sweet, once a week ill have a weight watchers icecream sundee cup, they taste amazing!

    So over this time that i have been eating like this, i have kinda gotten used to it. And my stomach has shrunk too so i only really need small amounts now. I work in an office, and only walk about 30mins each night with my partner. Occasionally ill jump on the exersice bike when watching some telly too! Im only really a couple of Kgs over weight but want to feel extra special on my day and honeymoon. So far i have lost about 7kg… on average i lose 1kg a week.

    In the first 2 days i barely slept and it was hell and i was thirsty like crazy and had headaches.

    I wake up at about 6am take the tablet then when my partner gets up for work, go back to sleep for an hour and wake up feeling pretty bright. I got into a normal sleeping pattern again after about a week.. if you wake up later, just put an alarm on to take your tablet at about 5-6am, then go back to sleep for a little until you need to get about about an hour or 2 later…

    The headaches lasted about a week also, they kinda went away once i started getting normal amounts of sleep again. The sever thirst lasted about 3 weeks maybe 4, had to ahve a water bottle on me everywhere. But its a good thing really… unless you play sport. I play netball once a week and the first few games within 2mins i was dying of thirst, from then onwards i just started chewing gum during sport and it helped with keeping your mouth salivated.

    Once all that died down after about 3-4weeks, i have No side effects at all, except i dont get hungry.. soooo Yea. thats about it, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me… but until then, im very happy with the help of duromine so i can look extra gorgeous at my beautiful Summer wedding this Novemeber!!! πŸ™‚

  18. Hi all,
    Suede I could not have worded it better. Not sure why people have to put people down like Bill did. Positive support is what anyone needs with anything they may tackle,whether it be weight loss or any task in life. I have been taking duromine for nearly two months now and have lost 9kg. The side affects I get are headaches, dry mouth which water will solve both of these problems. I found it hard to sleep at first but sleeping pattern normal now. I’m not sure if this is a side affect but suffer easy bruising. I only need to apply slight pressure between my lower ribs to my feet and will come out in a massive bruise in the area i touched. When taking this tablet you need to change your lifestyle with eating correctly, exercising and doing the right thing otherwise when you come off it you will gain your weight and more. This would account for any weight loss tablet or program you do. We all know that when you start any diet you like to see results straight away or you loose interest and give up thinking its not working. Once you see results it gives you the determination to keep going. So guys and gals wish us all luck and lets see what happens. πŸ™‚

  19. ive been giving duromine by the doctor but are the side affects really bad can anyone give me some advise before taking it please

  20. I was taking duromine a few years ago and lost 20 kg over a period of a year. I was 3 months on 3 months off. It was wonderful to get eating habits back on track in the off season, I actually lost enough weight htat it didnt hurt to excercise and I actually got back to walking for fun.

    Since then unfortunately, I have put that weight back on and then some.
    Im looking at trying it again for 3 months.

    Good luck to anyone who has taken it and had sucess.

    And i agree with Bill when it comes to his well spoken comments. If you were 67kg and went down to 58kg, then you shouldnt be taking it.

    Its for sensible weight loss, not gym junkies, your an idiot

  21. Lauren says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 23, 2011 at 6:23 pm
    I just started on duramine 2 days ago. On the initial day after taking the tablet I felt slightly light headed and although I was a lil tipsy! Talking a lot and hyperactive. From the first day it has suppressed my appetite dramatically and I am trying to remember to snack on dried fruits and other little things to keep metabolism up in fear post drug it will have slowed down. I do not crave junk food and can look at a lolly tin at work and am not interested. Prior to the drug I would consume a lot of lollies, hence being overweight. Another side effect I have is a dry mouth. I drink more water and ensure I have water with me at all times. I am not tired during the day in fact have more energy and have no trouble sleeping at night. This may be because I take it at approx 7am. I am on 30mg and just weighed myself out of curiosity (im not obsessed) on the 3rd morning and lost 1kg!!! Was not expecting that!! Don’t feel as bloated obviously because I’m not eating or craving crap food. Exercising- I have only walked approx 30mins each day, I have not attended the gym as the occasional light headedness in fear of faintingas my blood pressure is generally on the lower end of scale. However, I will attend when my body adjusts more to the drug. Overall I’m happy with the drug and will most definately continue. These dangerous side effects listed for the drug are they really much worse than the effects of being over weight/obese?? Would you rather have a dry mouth and occassional lightheadeness for a short period of time ( providing these are the only ones like me you get from the drug, so far… ) or have to inject yourself everyday after developing diabetes?? In the long run if it continues to work I believe the benefits outweigh the risks. I have read many blogs on this and decided to try it and develop my own opinion. Works for me! Will report back in a cpl of weeks, hopefully im still loving it! Good luck peeps!

    Ps Bill get a life you ignorant douche. Yes it is “like” amphetamines but is not. Many other prescribed medications are also used by addicts so because of that are we going to take them off the market? If you have an invasive surgery involving painful recovery would you like to be denied narcotics due to “junkie” misuse? Keep your uneducated belittling opinions to yourself unless evidential, factual and helpful. We are here to use it not abuse it. Moron.

  22. Hi
    Ive just started taking Duramine as suggested by my doctor. Im taking 30mgs every second day. Today is my first day taking it and i found i had a slight dry mouth this morning and really felt like i was buzzing but was in a really good happy mood. It is now coming towards the end of the day and ive had a slight headache for a few hours now. Its not unbearable or anything. I have found that i have not eaten as much today as i have not wanted to, i have felt full with the meals i have eaten. I was told to take this medication for a maximum of 3 months, and im hoping to see results from taking this medication and from swimming also.

  23. Hello folks, and a shoutout to Bill, you are a classic true blue loving person i can sense, I got a script today of the 40mg tabs, im 120kg, 185cm tall, im a mixed martial artist and last month was only 100kg at optimum peak, i was injured and for the pain, i saw a specialist who put me onto methadone for the pain in my back(lower vert) 90mg Methadone, well since iv been taking it/1 month the weight has just poured on, 20kg/1 month F**K I know hey?,, so i just wondered if anybody could give me advise before i fill the $100 script for 30x40mg caps??
    Any advise is good advise i say, so pls help me guys with ur thoughts,i just cant stop eating on this methadone.. Im embarrassed totally, having black belts in 3 forms of combat, you can understand? im nearly 34 yrs old..

    Loving care for all that are on this path-Pete

  24. I broke my ankle 4 weeks ago and as you would expect the weight has come back and obviously my usual workout routine is out the door. Ive stuck to my meal plan but that’s not enough. With another 3 months not being able to do any exercise, will Duromine Help keep the fat off, or do you really have to exercise with it? Thanks.

  25. TAKE THAT BILL!!!!!! In a month, we’ll be skinny…. but you will still be…YOU!! Shame, so sad… There are no drugs to cure YOUR desease!!

    To the rest….. I’ve been on duromine for 3 weeks and have lost 7kg!! The few side effects that I have had up to date were minor and managable… Had a headache once, dry mouth daily and struggled a bit to sleep only in the first week.. I’m very happy that I found duromine and will reccommend anybody to go and see the Dr. to prescribe it for you, if you are healthy enough!! Good luck all!!

  26. I have started taking duromine 30mg 2days ago, i have had the headaches and the dry mouth and a little bit off dizzyness,and the stomach cram[s. but the extra bit of energy that i now have makes up for it:) the last 2 days i have hardly eaten anything at all, had lots of water and breakfast is a must for mi…
    breakfast in the morning has been saficing mi till the next day, im not hungry at all during the day… i have had about 4hours of sleep in total, last night i didnt sleep at all, night one i slept from 4:30am – 7:30… and i feel great, it so weird i thought id feel horrible after having no sleep but i have tones of energy and am feelin 10x better than i usally do…(thats keeping the side effect out) and im ready too start the day,,,i hope this drug works for mi like eveyone else πŸ™‚ im looking foward too this journey with side effects and all.. o on that note does anyone have a faint idea how long the side effects may last lol and any tips for mi too get rid of some lol
    KEEP YOUR FLUIDS UP GUYS πŸ™‚ and good luck too everyone…

  27. Hi Suede
    first, good on you for putting Bill the dill in his place.

    second – it’s now Nov 2011 – how are you going along with your program?

    I found, for me, that taking the tabs a little more sporadically at the start really helped with side-effects.
    For me i experienced wakefullness mostly. So if i had a sleepless night i certainly wouldnt take one the following morning!
    Hope you’ve achieved some of your weight goals?
    And, yes, would love to hear about some of the others results/experiences.


  28. Kk first off – bill – your a loser. U obviously have no life and no readon to be on this forum n just go around putting ppl down in life cos you have nothing better to do!

    Suede- I have been experiencing the exact same. I used duromine 30mg about 3 years ago and dropped about 15kgs and the only side effects I had was the feeling of pinging off walls in the morning with lots of energy then going down hill in the arvos- like a come down n being really grumpy . This time around I had the same side effects along but after I worked out and for the remainder of the day I experienced difficulties breathing, really painful stomach cramps, dizziness, heart palpitations, very dis orientated and just didn’t feel myself at all. This was day 3…. I lost 4 kilos in the first 4 days which may have something to do with it, but I’ve always eaten healthy and exercised as I am now and the only thing I’m doing different in my diet is cutting out un natural sugars. Am really thinking bout going bak to the doctors and going on the 15 mg as I read the side affects forum on here and apparently they are signs of possible overdose??? So not quite sure. I had my blood pressure checked 4 days ago when I was prescribed these and it was perfect so would like to know what it is Now after being on these for 4 days.

  29. I have been doing all the weight loose ethics that has been mentioned in the world but i keep gaining more and more. I thought to stop trying to loose the weight as i have not succeded in the past 5 years but after reading all these comments,i cant wait for morning to see my GP.
    I am up for it and know most side efects so am well prepared for this life jney : )

  30. i hada baby 16 months ago when i was pregnate iwas 140 kilos now im 170 and i need help . how much is duromine is it covered by pbs please help

  31. Hi all. I have been prescribed the 40 mg Duromine. I have only been on it for 3 days. I go to the gym at least 4 days per week and do a 1 1/2 hr session each time. I find that I have a lot more energy than I used to have. I know Duromine is only a short term fix, but Im sure that with healthy eating habits and regular exercise I can acheive my goals.

  32. Hey guys,

    I have been on Duromine for a little over a week now. I am quite overweight, I have a medical condition called Fibromyalgia, this painful condition has made it very hard for me to move for many years now and of course lack of exercise does lead to the body getting bigger.

    What I really wanted to point out is that taking Duromine has improved my condition remarkably, I haven’t lost much weight as I have only been on it for a short time, but I am no longer exhausted. I no longer have to take naps during the day. The muscle pains have gone, the burning and tingling sensations in my feet have disappeared and the crippling chest pains have stopped completely.

    For some reason Duromine has made a huge difference to my condition. I have walked and played with my kids and fixed my garden, and even gone out dancing in the last week. These are things that I have not been able to do for years. I understand this is a risky drug, but I feel I have my life back. My kids have their mum back, and my friends are seeing a new physically abled me. Just wanted to share my happiness with you all, and let you know of this unexpected benefit I have received from this drug.

  33. Very well said Suede, I agree.
    Duromine may be an amphetamine and can be abused but under a doctors supervision, they can be an effective medication for those who are obese and have tried everything they can to loose weight with no sucess. I’m 110kg’s and due to a back injury, my exercise is limited. i may loose a couple of kg’s and then put on a few and have been struggling to drop a good amount of weight for the last few years. My doctor has now prescribed me Duromine after monitoring my diet and exercise for the last 6 months.
    Like other medication such as opiods, Duromine has it’s place in medical treatment and being prescribed such medication does not make someone a “Junky”. All i can say, is Take it under the supervision of your doctor, Stick to the correct dose and it might just be the change that will help you to live a more active, healthy and longer life.

  34. Duromine delayed my period by a week, I did a pregnancy test just to make sure I wasn’t pregnant and it was POSITIVE!! The doctor also did one and that was positive. I got my period the next day (thank goodness, I already have 3 babies!!). So just beware of false positive pregnancy tests whilst taking duromine. In saying all of that duromine has helped me lose 5kgs in the last month, it’s been great and I will continue to take it!!

  35. Hi does anyone know what would happen if i started taking two a day instead of one a day? this is my 4th day being on them.

  36. Dear bill i try not to be a hateful person becouse it is so ugly an takes a lote of energy.I would rather put my anergy into worth wild things .like luv ,kindness,helpfulness an just being a good humane being .so this comment to u i hope will let u look in your heart an realize that people who are over weight dont choose this for them selves .they are the most beautiful people with a lote of heart ach an fealings an would not hurt another person so they punish them selves instead.Making comment such as yours only hurts an makes things worse .Could u realy live with yourself knowing u coused the death of a nother human would u say the same about a person born with a disability .what if someone u luved had a disability.Like your child,brother,sister,mother,farther,aunt,uncle,cousin,nephew,niece.Would u still feal the same .Their is a good chance someone u luv could have a disability that they carnt controll.and bye the way i only weigh 55kilos an i am good looking blond hair blue eyes but most of all a kind an luving ,careing person.So to every one with weight problems take no notice of hatefull people an only suround yourself with luv and kindness all good energy xoxo cin

  37. does anyone know if i have a drug test while him just start on this medication for a week will effect the result? i want to loose weight but i am kind of risking my job

  38. im starting to take duromine 30mg tomorrow bt ma worry is dat i am hiv positive so i was wondering if it wont affect ma cd4 count. i really want to lose 8kgs and i got da prescriptions from ma physician

  39. So I went to the doctors today and finally got duromine yay! I’m 17 years old and weigh 95kg and am looking to get down to 60kg. Does anyone have an tips or advice on Duromine?

  40. does duromine makes one to have her period after two week of having one.eg i had my period on the 25 of feb 2012 then i started taking the duromine .i have my period again on the 11 march 2012 .which is not my date to have my next period.i’m worried can some help me please.

  41. I took the 30mg about 10 years ago and i had really bad side effects from it. Heart palpitations, shaking, insomnia, blurred vision and just completely out of my head. I lost some weight but after i finished the course I put it all back on and ended up going from about 85kg to 121kg. A severe bout of post natal depression followed. I lost 20kg in the past 2 years just exercising and eating well. But recently the weight loss has plateued. So the doctor prescribed me 30mg Duromine. I’ve really been thinking hard about taking it again. I’m now sitting at about 103kg and am so scared I will get back to 121kg. But i don’t want the side effects, especially now that studies have shown that in 30% of cases, Duromine has caused heart valve abnormalities. There is family history in my family of heart disease and heart attacks, so i’ve decided not to go on it again. I’m just going to have to suck it up and change my diet and exercising to keep the weight loss going. Good luck to you all out there no matter what you do to lose it. Don’t you feel great when you look down and can see your toes again! πŸ™‚

  42. Emma, it is VERY dangerous to take more than you have been prescribed! Overdosing can cause death. There are different dosage amounts so check with your doctor that you are on the correct dose, don’t self medicate! Taking more than prescribed probably wont increase your weightloss, it will probably just increase the side effects of heart palpitations and insomnia!
    Check with your doc before changing anything!!

  43. Hi and good luck to everyone on ther journey.
    Ive been given 15 mg and looking forward to loosing the weight but I am very concerned about putting it back on once I stop??? I’m a size 10 now so not overly big but my bmi is high so doc gave me a script :/

  44. I have losted 30 kgs that was befor I went to doctor and asked home to help me lose the lasted 10kgs. I believe eat well drink water and get out side and run. Duromine just plays a game in your head and it’s not the right way to keep fat off. And for the amount it coasted you could get about 3 pt at the gym which would teach you way more then a capsules

  45. Hi All
    Just been reading all the comments and wow ALOT of s@#t said here
    Monique your doctor needs shoting for putting your on Duromine. Size 10 for god sakes

    Bill go find a desert Island.

    Good luck to everyone normal trying to lose there goal weight

  46. Hi Everyone.im a 30 yr old Femalestanding at 158 cm and weighing 81 kg. My BMI indicated that i was in the first stage of obesity. Subsequent testing found i had high cholesterol. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Gym memberships, weight loss challenges, a treadmill, boxing bag, i even bought a small dog.. just to have that reason to go for a walk. No Joy. Weighing in between 48 – 51 kg before i had my two children ive never been a big person,but the passing years have seen the weight creep up slowly. I wont go into semantics, but as alot of you would testify, sometimes it just happens. Especially in the wake of getting married, having children, you spend less time focusing on yourself and what you need … and sacrifice alot of time and energy for your family. Well my time has now come to reflect and redirect and start putting myself first.

    I took my first 30mg Duramine tablet at approx 6.30 this morning. Armed with the valuable advice and points of discussion i found in this forum, i also started a profile with calorie king ( FANTASTIC TOOL!) and made an appointment to see a dietician. I went to work feeling fairly good, bouyant even. I had weetbix for breakfast based on my meal plan with calorie king, not really being a breakfast eater, but im going to do this right. I completed work ( cleaning motel rooms ) an hour earlier than i would have with the same work load. (awesome) since then, i have cleaned my whole house, done two loads of washing, and swept and hosed the back patio. I FEEL INVINCIBLE. I bought chewing gum, thinking of the possiblility of dry mouth. My mouth hasnt been dry, but i havent stopped chewing! LOL! i ate a small tin of tuna and an apple at lunch time.. though i wouldn’t have thought about it if i hadnt checked calorie king.

    I know its only day one… but so far… i feel on top of the world. : ) no other side affects at this point , other than the energy, manic chewing, and light bouyant mood. Im happy so far and i hope that my journey continues on just like this.

    I will report back every few days… just to add my point of view, and details of my experience.

    Good luck to everyone who is on or may be about to embark on a journey like me. all the best <3

  47. well… its been a month … and i have taken duromine everyday, and just got my second prescription. I now weigh 70 kg. yes .. i have lost 11 kg in a month!! and i feel great!! ive made alot of changes… stopped drinking, started walking, drink alot of water, and started a second job. ive had no negative side effects, except for the odd moments of a dry mouth … and i sleep perfectly.

  48. hi guys i weigh at present 103kg ,im not a real good helthy eater but im planing on changing that from this day as i have just been givin a perscription of the 30 mg capsules ‘ im not lazy but i no i should excercise more i do take approxmaintly 45 min to 1 hour walks at times with my partner that has come from the phillipines and is a very nice figure and has such a loving heart and tells me i should drink more water each day ‘ and yes i know she is right any way i have just finnished reading all these coments and yes there are some good and bad im a 43yr old male and yes some have scared me with there side effects but ha im out to prove to myself i can do this ‘ i used to do judo when i was a younger lad and dieted to get under weight divisions i was a mesly 55 to 60 kg most of my life then i just beefed up in the mid 30 . anyway i have decided to give this a go and im a very strong willed person and stubborn as well ,the only thing im a bit worried about is the side effects as im a shift worker and i work 12 hr shifts nights and days how will this effect these 12 hour shifts i do any help or advice would be greatly appreciated .any way guys i plan to make my fiance and my self proud as i plan to marry my beuitiful girl in the next couple of months of writting this and i cant wait for the end result i would be so happy to loose at least 10 kg or more before i get into a suite and say i do to the most amazing girl that has supported me thru the good the bad and even the ugly . please everyone never give up your plans to succed and take no notice of the people who dont believe in you as long as yourself ‘ your freinds’ your family and your loving partner believes in you thats what counts. good luck to all.

  49. 26yo Female – Australia.
    I started taking Duromine 40mg 4 weeks before my wedding in August 2012.
    I was still taking it, right up until last week when I was diagnosed with serious depression.
    This was WAY out of the ordinary for me…
    Prior to being diagnosed I found this drug controlled me. Duromine makes you lose weight so quickly because it takes all of the fluid out of your body (hence why it is such a hit with jockeys trying to reach weight requirements).
    So you think that you are losing weight at a rapid speed, but all it is doing is taking all fluids.
    I found it helpful, that yes I wasn’t hungry, but I also was never thirsty (amazing how the drug can control your brain). Every time I would try to drink, I felt sick and full extremely quickly.
    The whole time I was on Duromine, I got a max 3hrs sleep a night and that was with an over-the-counter sleeping tablet.
    This in turn led to extremely bad mood swings. I was having heart palpitations and breaking out in a sweat whilst everyone else was rugging up.
    The worse thing about this drug is that it slows everything up and eventually your body starts to shut things down for you to survive (eg – stores fat). I had massive migraines when taking it, from being so dehydrated.
    Having been on this drug for a long period of time, I am now having extremely bad withdrawal symptoms which have led to the depression.
    I agree YES it does help you lose weight quickly, after a while it stops working and your body goes into survivor mode.
    I have been off the Duromine for 4 days and I am struggling really hard with the withdrawal symptoms.
    It is honestly NOT worth putting yourself or your family through.
    I am happy to answer any questions about my experience.


  50. I am 32 yr old female, 175cm tall and 108kgs- struggled with steady weight gain for the last 10 years since birth of my first child…I have polysystic ovary syndrome which side affects make weight loss hard,i am also a food junkie,i realize a healthy diet and exersize is the bet way to go about it but I feel like a help start might put me in the right direction and give me some motivation…reading the comments its a little scary but at the same time there are positive stories-I would love to hear how people are say 1 year after they first started..i don’t want to just put it all back on,

  51. Hey
    I just took my first duromine pill πŸ™‚
    I’m feeling energetic…had oats for breakfast and I couldn’t finish it all.
    I thought I should join in…its nice to know there are people struggling with weight like myself.
    I have a MBI of 30, my doctor prescribed me this pill because I’m apparently at risk for High blood pressure and diabetes…so I’m looking forward to a healthier me πŸ™‚

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