Duromine and Reductil

duromine-reductilPeople who are looking for special drugs to help them lose weight often wonder which one is better, Duromine or Reductil? Many people who take Duromine have complained about different side effects, even though it was very effective in helping them lose weight. They would experience increased heart rate, dry mouth, insomnia and a host of other health problems. The people who took Reductil experienced little to know side effects. It seems that the pills effects depending on the individuals who are taking it.

Duromine – Duromine is a slimming pill that is prescribed to people who are obese or have health problems associated with their weight gain. Duromine is a very effective drug and doctors continue to prescribe it because it works. Duromine affects the brain by blocking the signals that tell the body that you are hungry. This means a person will eat less and lose more weight if they follow an effective weight loss plan. This would include a proper diet and exercise.

Reductil – Reductil is a drug that helps people to lose weight by suppressing their appetite. Reductil is one of the most powerful appetite suppressant pills that are available on the market. This product is recommended by doctors for its effectiveness in helping people lose weight. The pill works by blocking the receptors in the brain that indicate to the body that you are hungry. This full feeling allows the person to eat less and as a result lose weight.

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  1. I have just been prescribed Duramine (30mg) 2 days ago and therefore have only consumed 2 tablets. I have, however, not noticed any physiological changes (good or bad) since taking the pills. For example my appetite and energy levels are exactly the same as prior to taking any of these pills. Does anyone know if there is a timeframe when I can start to feel the effect of this medication? At the moment, I feel like I just spent $126.00 on a packet of tic tacs.

  2. Reductil has been taken off the market here in Australia and I dont know why? Duramine is still around and although I have never used Duramine Iv been using Reductil on and off. I like Reductil and why cant i get a prescription from my doctor anymore. WTF is the difference between duramine and reductil?????????????? and why is reductil BANNED here in OZ????????????????????

  3. Reductil helped me stay focussed and in control on task/s the drug is effective in controlling your apatite. all u have to do is drink water all day and ur fine and when u do get hungry u only eat alittle coz u feel full. REDUCTIL IS THE BEST PUT IT BACK ON THE MARKET I WANT MY REDUCTIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I started on 40mg yesterday and started feeling the effects within 2hrs. Felt really buzzed and rather euphoric and was not hungry, almost not at all. I was very thirsty though, gassy in the tummy and needed to poop a lot. Over all I feel they were minor side effects and I’m really excited that this may just wok for me!

  5. I have been taking Reductil for 10 yrs non stop – brilliant drug, no problems at all. no side effects. It did keep my waight stable and my irritable bowel sindrome at bay, why on earth would they take it off the market. what do all normal people do who had no side effects bu a good life. Now i have gained 15kg in 5 mnth. and had to go on Duramine – Reductil is much better. I am not sure that doctor would let me stay on Duramine for long also i hve no side effects yet (after 2 mnth on 30mg) started to loose some kg. BRING REDUCTIL BACK please.

  6. I started duromine 30 mg 3 days ago. I haven’t been able to sleep pretty much at all and it has deffinatly made me eat less!!! But can anyone tell me if I will start sleeping better after a while of taking ivt plz??

  7. reductil was removed from sale in Australia as it causes stroke and heart attack. i too was on reductil about 5 yrs ago and it did push my blood pressure up very high but i was visiting my doctor every fortnight to keep an eye on it. i kept the weight off for 4 yrs and have only put weight on when i wasn’t working.
    i am going to ask my doctor about Duromine but i must admit that i am a bit scared after reading up ob the side effects.

  8. I started taking duromine yesterday and am finding it excellent in supressing my appetite, I think it may be working a little to well . I am finding that I am forcing myself to eat bcoz I have not been hungry at all. And I am feeling really tired and like I am constantly having to tell myself its time to eat. I am eating less which is great, but would just like to know if this is normal. !!? Please give advice ?

  9. I have tried both Reductil and duramine. Reductil is amazing, I have more energy and still loosing weight. After Reductil was banned in OZ I tried Duramine…… After only taking 5 capsules, I went into severe depression and panic attacks It took 7 days for it to get out of my system. I would never wish this on anyone. I managed to ger Reductil from overseas. so I am trying that again.

  10. if your on the 30mg it takes 2 to 3 weeks to kick in and the 40mg takes a week or 2 to kick in and trust me if it starts to work u will notice the difference.

  11. Can anyone recommend an overseas site to buy Reductil from as i am always a bit sceptical of some of these. If anyone has successfully bought from overseas can you recommend?

  12. I just started on duramine 2 days ago. On the initial day after taking the tablet I felt slightly light headed and although I was a lil tipsy! Talking a lot and hyperactive. From the first day it has suppressed my appetite dramatically and I am trying to remember to snack on dried fruits and other little things to keep metabolism up in fear post drug it will have slowed down. I do not crave junk food and can look at a lolly tin at work and am not interested. Prior to the drug I would consume a lot of lollies, hence being overweight. Another side effect I have is a dry mouth. I drink more water and ensure I have water with me at all times. I am not tired during the day in fact have more energy and have no trouble sleeping at night. This may be because I take it at approx 7am. I am on 30mg and just weighed myself out of curiosity (im not obsessed) on the 3rd morning and lost 1kg!!! Was not expecting that!! Don’t feel as bloated obviously because I’m not eating or craving crap food. Exercising- I have only walked approx 30mins each day, I have not attended the gym as the occasional light headedness in fear of faintingas my blood pressure is generally on the lower end of scale. However, I will attend when my body adjusts more to the drug. Overall I’m happy with the drug and will most definately continue. These dangerous side effects listed for the drug are they really much worse than the effects of being over weight/obese?? Would you rather have a dry mouth and occassional lightheadeness for a short period of time ( providing these are the only ones like me you get from the drug, so far… ) or have to inject yourself everyday after developing diabetes?? In the long run if it continues to work I believe the benefits outweigh the risks. I have read many blogs on this and decided to try it and develop my own opinion. Works for me! Will report back in a cpl of weeks, hopefully im still loving it! Good luck peeps!

  13. hi all my dr just gave me a script for duramine 30mg i know about the side effects i was on reductil it did not good that was 3 years ago and i still struggling with my weight and i exercise eat right i eat less portions still nothing wish me luck

  14. I too took Reductil and had excellent results lost 31kgs initially and when I found the weight creeping on would go back on it for a month or so and off it would come again. No side effects at all just weight loss and a more positive attitude.

    Now I am stuck with Duromine, it’s horrible. Your mouth gets incredibly dry to the point you get mouth ulcers, I have to chew gum constantly (a habit I hate) and can only take them every 2 – 3 days or just can’t sleep. It does help with the weight loss and appetite suppressing but give me Reductil any day, I too have explored ordering it from overseas a practice I don’t want to endorse but at the moment there is no other alternative it seems!

  15. I just took my first tablet today at around 4am.. I was told to take it extremely early in the morning as it keeps you awake for quite a while… at the moment, I feel like I am buzzing.. early days yet but who knows… I was reading comments about reductil keeping IBS at bay.. hopefully Duramine helps with that too… again, early days and maybe next week I will have something more to say.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I started duramime yesterday and I can feel the affects already. This drug works almost the same way amphetamines do in causing euphoria, decreased appetite, increased heart rate etc. Although I hope the insomnia and restlessness dies down because it’s nearly 2 in the mornIng!!!! Do people sleep normally on duramine??

  17. I was on reductil my blood pressure was normal but had really bad panic attacts , my husband had to call 000 as he thought i was having a heart attack. Ive been taking Duramine for the past week i feel like im on high in the morning then crash at night i dont feel less hungrey but have lost 1.5 kg so must be doing something besides making me feel funny. Dont think ill get another month after this one even if it does work i just dont feel right !

  18. I’ve been taking duromine 30 mg for 2 weeks now and it’s working a treat for me , i barely have an appetite for food and I have lost 7 kgs with health diet and exercise. The only side effect I’ve received is dry mouth and yes your body does get use to the tablets and after a few days you manage to sleep fine with them.

  19. I would certainly recommend adapting a healthier lifestyle rather than turning to duromine… Started having full on anxiety attacks and fainting due to elevated heart rate, went into a nasty phase of depression and very irritable… Not nice at all- a week or so after coming off it I started getting back to normal, and thank god for that because te paranoia was becoming too much… Will never do that to myself again…

  20. I used duromine once. I’m not a particularly big woman but still a little over weight. Within one month I had lost 8kgs. The only time I had side effects was on the very first day. Other then that I just felt a little more awake. It was brilliant. Only thing I would advise is to stay away from alcohol while on it and for about a week after unless you want to suffer a very nasty hang over

  21. I have been taking Durimine for 4 weeks, I have lost 8 kg. I found it has completly blocked my need to eat. I have to remind myself to eat, otherwise I will go the whole day with out food. I have had side effects, from not being able to sleep, having a dry mouth, but I found it gives me heaps of e energy and life my mood.. Almost feel like I am on a high. Over all I have found it good… Don’t think I could have got this far without it, but I am on my own for the next 7kgs.. Need to teach myself to do it on my own…..

  22. Hi there Iam on my second day of 40mg of duramine I have taken This once before and not had side effects but this time I have a dry mouth feel dizzy and over all feel like crap ๐Ÿ™ hopefully the side effects die down other wise I will not continue to take them I have been going to the gym for the past 3 months I weighed 136kgs and two days ago I weighed 120 kgs so I will keep everyone up to date every week ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. duromine has helped me lose 40 kilos. to all them people who get to.buzzed out from it u need to train harder and.not sot at home stressing out all day. u.need to make your body tired if your body is tired theb so is your brain. duromine works 40 kilos in 5 months for me 150 i was now i am 110 and going dowb fast

  24. its already pass a month i use duromine 30mg,and i lose 8kg..overall its great,side effect..only drymouth,thats all…hope this is the only effect i got..i sleep 7 hours,only eat cooked meal small portion..fruits,vege and taking some supplement for my overall health and some light exercise..morning im in really high mood and feel great..and evening, a bit tired so i can get sleep well in the night. first time i took the pill, some minor effect..like light headacne, sleepless,heart beat a bit fast and a bit moody, but after 4 days, everything back to normal..only drymouth,mild heart beat and a bit sleepy in evening….overall is great and i will continue after doctor give permission to continue it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I started on Duramine a week ago & have already lost 4kgs. I’m following a food plan given to me by my dietician but find I’m not having to eat as much. I found duramine started to work within the first 2 days & have a lot of energy. I did find I had minor headaches though in the first 2 days. I take it first thing when I get up at 5am & by 10pm I’m ready for bed. I have no trouble sleeping. I tried Reductil once before but had no positive results from it, if anything I put on the weight. I haven’t experienced the depression or psycho attacks as my friend called it as yet but will see how I go over the next week. Every person is different so just try what works for you. Good luck on your journey people ๐Ÿ™‚

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