Danger of Weight Drugs Exposed

There are many weight loss drugs that claim to be very good in assisting obese people lose weight. It should be noted that there is a real concern as it relates to the side effects associated with these drugs. There have been reports of people losing sleep, having severe abdominal pain and other adverse side effects.

Over the past couple of years, there have been an increase in the reports of severe side effects related to the use of weight loss drugs such as Duromine, Dospan, Reductil, Tenuate and Xenical.

The most serious reaction that has been associated with the use of this product is the death of a healthy young woman who took the hunger suppressant, Reductil. Reports indicate that the woman had jitters and increased anxiety 3 weeks after taking 10mg of Reductil.

Reports that surface pointed to Reductil being the #1 suspect in the young woman’s death. The autopsy report showed that the cause of death was inconclusive. However, many people are sure that Reductil was to be blamed.

According to Abbot Pharmaceuticals, the company responsible for creating Reductil, they state that their drug is safe. They indicate that in over 80 countries, more than 20 million people have used the drug. They have a system in place that goes into tracking and looking at the side effects associated with the use of the drug.

Duromine is another drug that has come under fire. When a 13 year old girl took the drug and experienced an adverse reaction, the public was put on alert as it related to these weight loss drugs.

Xenical is another drug that is looked at for its severe reactions. There have been reports that people who take the drug often suffer from kidney stones, abdominal pain, extreme flatulence, heart palpitations and hair loss.

3 thoughts on “Danger of Weight Drugs Exposed”

  1. I am from Malaysia and I have been consuming Duromine for the past 5 weeks. The results are excellent where my weight reduced by 9kg in just 3 weeks to 71kg.

    I was having sleeping disorder earlier but it has worsen since consuming this medicine. I have experienced 72 hours without sleeping. I sleep only 4 to 5 a day nowadays, this makes me being very aggressive and cant control my temper.
    This has doubt me seek more info on duromine and ended in your website.

    I appreciate the informations.

    Thank you

  2. hey i was using duromine 4 3 months n had really bad side affects, my weight dropped off me like mad i lost 20 kilos in 3 wks bout 2 weeks after i had my son wen i started duromine. My hair was falling out, was depressed, suisidal, speach problems, dry mouth, moody ect could these side affects b from post natel depression also??? n is speed in duromine. I have also noticed sists showing on my skin the size of large pimples they havent gone away or got worse since ive stopped.

  3. I have started taking duromine 30mg 2days ago, i have had the headaches and the dry mouth and a little bit off dizzyness,and the stomach cram[s. but the extra bit of energy that i now have makes up for it:) the last 2 days i have hardly eaten anything at all, had lots of water and breakfast is a must for mi…
    breakfast in the morning has been saficing mi till the next day, im not hungry at all during the day… i have had about 4hours of sleep in total, last night i didnt sleep at all, night one i slept from 4:30am – 7:30… and i feel great, it so weird i thought id feel horrible after having no sleep but i have tones of energy and am feelin 10x better than i usally do…(thats keeping the side effect out) and im ready too start the day,,,i hope this drug works for mi like eveyone else ๐Ÿ™‚ im looking foward too this journey with side effects and all.. o on that note does anyone have a faint idea how long the side effects may last lol and any tips for mi too get rid of some lol
    KEEP YOUR FLUIDS UP GUYS ๐Ÿ™‚ and good luck too everyone…

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