A Reader’s Personal Experience Taking Duromine

A Readers Experience With Duromine

This information provided is from a reader who personally took Duromine for weight loss.

She starts off by saying that Duromine is the right choice for people who want to lose weight and she is not being an advocate for it. She wanted to take the time to share her experience and highlight the bad and the good of this particular weight loss drug.

“When I first stared using the drug I had some concerns, but I also had a curiosity about the type of results that were possible.

To start off, I was a 23 year old female who was weighed over 100 kilos and was 168 cm tall. I overall felt like a pig. I was fat, very unhealthy , gorged on food and smoked and drank. One day it got to the point where I decided that I needed to make a change in my life and get on the track to being healthy.

I had heard about Duromine at the time. Family and friends would constantly be talking about it and the tremendous benefits that it had. It was then I went to my physician and told him my situation. I was very skeptical that he would prescribe it for me, but after doing a BMI test, blood pressure and others he was convinced.  He took the results and from there gave me a prescription for 30mg of Duromine which would last me for 2 months. He gave me an appointment to come back and see him a month later.

The first couple of days of taking Duromine, I felt like was overtaxed. I would take the pill early in the morning and it would take about an hour before I started to see any results. Once it kicked in, I had a ton of energy and was very happy. I also remember having problems sleeping for the first few days. The lack of sleep as well as the speed the Duromine provided only lasted a couple of days.

My first week on the drug I really did not eat a whole lot. I would have something light like a big of chicken and rice. People around me kept saying that Duromine would take the hunger pains away totally and that was nowhere near true. I still felt hungry, but it wasn’t as bad while off the pills. After the first week I had weighed myself and surprisingly I had lost 8 kilos. I basically had lost around 1 kilogram per day and I was extremely happy. This was all done without any exercise and just going about my normal daily routines.

There were some days that I took Duromine and I felt as if I was going to die. I had zero energy and it took a toll on me. I chalked this up to me not eating properly.  The doctor did mention that I needed to eat and not starve myself. The reason I stopped eating was to give myself the opportunity to lose as much weight as possible. I had convinced myself this was the best approach to get the best results.

After a couple of days of feeling rotten I decided to exercise and change my diet. I would do about an hour of walking or cardio for 4-5 days a week. In doing this I was able to drop more kilos and my mood changed drastically. Noises and people would change my mood and I was always on edge. I was not sure if it was the Duromine, or if I was just irritable.

I would go to the doctor to have the occasional checkup. My blood pressure was high, but the doctor assured me that at that level it was ok for the short term.  He noted that Duromine was a short term product and should not be continued longer than he had prescribed.

I stopped taking Duromine after the prescribed period and I can say I am satisfied with the results. My weight is down, I feel great and my blood pressure even went back to normal. It was the perfect product to help me start my weight loss journey. I would not suggest Duromine is for everyone, but it worked out well for me. I guess continuing to eat properly and exercise should allow me to lose and maintain my weight. I have changed my eating habits, started exercising regularly and made a conscious effort to have a healthy life. Overall I am happy with the weight that I lost and the path that I am on now. Duromine rocks!.

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  1. why do people take Duromine? has anyone really gone the extra mile to find out what these tablets contain,or what side effects do they have? well I wish my friend had,as she is now an insomniac,broke out in all these horrible sores all over her face and arms,is so cranky with all and asunder that you would not wish to know her.people find out first.

  2. Duromine is great, but the dry mouth and imsonia is a pain. I have worked very hard for 13hrs today in a stressfull job, Duromine filled me full of energy and it was no problem. It is now 2:31am and i am wide awake – this of course is not good and can’t be healthy long term, but Hey, this is a short term thing to simply kickstart a new lifestyle. I am clinically obese, eat like a big fat pig and take no exercise. I have always been a pig, it is pathetic i know but i just keep eating. This is where Duromine is absolutely fantastic for me and this is why i take it. I do not feel hunger or more importantly the cravings to eat. I still eat and regularly but small healthy portions of low fat food, i dont crave the rubbish. I feel if i can continue on Duromine for 2 -3 months then my healthy eating will become habit. I could not do it without the tablets as daft as it sounds, i have tried many times before. Also because i am losing weight and feeling better about myself i have started light jogging and go out running 4 times a week. I feel absolutely fantastic to see and feel these changes in my life. I’m grateful to take them but as a very sensible person i know that the sooner i get off them the better. I would highly recommend them!

  3. my friend took it and couldn’t breathe, i don’t know why, for her friend she lost weight, but it has only been four days so far. ..

  4. Hey Guys,

    look ive just stated taking Duromine im taking 30mg doctor prescribed them coz ive tryed losing weight so many otehr ways but i wasnt seeing result but other ppl were.

    what i wanna share is my experiences with the pill, i feel hot all the time and feel very tired its been 5 days now, i dont want to weight myself it the whole 7 days is up but i dont feel any different then other days i feel slightly happyer not much and sum times i might have the engry to do things other time i wanna rest. i havnt been exciseing but what i notice is i was at work and i had a theaf in our store/ shop i work for a supermarket i saw him take sumthing then started running after him. i felt really happy afterwards and during that timei run soo fast i didnt beleive were i was?

    so whats wrong here am i not doing anything to help the duromine on or is it not affecting me im scared cox all i wanna do is sleep =(


  5. i was just prescribed duromine, i am still to tell you about my journey.imy physician told me about the sleepless-ness a charge of energy nd all so i am fully aware of the road i am on. i hope i can post a comment praising duromine.


  7. I took it last year and it had great effect on my weight. Before I started taking this, I usually got up once or twice a night. When I was on this, it went up to 4-7 times a night!
    I also noticed I had huge fluctuations in my mood – worse than PMS – and could feel very anxious or depressed at times.
    The best result of taking this was the weight loss of 1-2kgs per week, which in turn helped me to exercise more, as the weight came off my bad joints felt better and I was able to put a dent in the vicious cycle of exercise/weight!

  8. hi i started an anti depressent 3 months ago and since starting it i have gradually put on weight..i weighed myself 6 weeks ago and i was 74kg , i weighed myself yesterday and i wa 80 kg. i went to the doctor today and i am 30 kg over weight.i was prescribed duromine..i am a little nervous but i start in the morning.. i will keep you posted on my experience…

  9. HI everyone, i have just been to the doctors and was prescribed duromine my friend told me it was amazing and that i needed to see if i could try some. I have read all the side effects and gone over and over all the ingents in the drug so i know what iam getting myself into. I weigh 96kg and I am 153cm tall so as you can see iam over wight but hopefully will get help from the duromine i will write back to let you know how it goes i start it tomorrow i’m waking up at 5am just to take the pill so it won’t keep me up to much at night:)

  10. well it is 6 weeks l8r and i have only lost 10 kg.i would not say that it is the duromine killing the fat i would say that it is the energy i got from it that helped me get off my butt and walk 8 km every morning pushing my two children as an extra weight in the pram.i feel gr8 and it was a gr8 start to my weight loss.i just want to add that a friend of mine got perscribed it a few weeks after me and totally abused it . it done nothing for her, she just used it as a high.plz ppl dont abuse it use it how it is supposed to be used.hope you all get good results

  11. lol everyone gets told straight out that duromine causes sleeping problems. i dont know why people are like :O omg dont do it it causes you not to sleep. well heres some news for you. beforei went on duromine i wouldnt be able to sleep untill about 3am. since starting duromine I wake up at 9am and im asleep by 10pm it has made my sleeping patterns perfect as to before they were very screwed up. I feel very engergetic and happy all day with the speed effect as for before i was very moody and tired. Im very nice to everyone, i eat about one apple a day and a meal at dinner and have lost 8 kilos in the past 6 days.

  12. Hi everyone , im a 28 year old 160cm tall and i weigh 78 kilo ;( i got duromine today ! 🙂 i cant wait to lose the weight lol . i aim to get back to 62 kilo . i know i will have to move .TO GET ENERGY U HAVE TO CREATE IT ! so move people its the only way to do it and keep it off. i love running and cant wait to get back into the groove ! 😉 so please people , if u take the drug dont just sit there ! move that butt ! thats the whole point of the drug to help u be modivated to get out there and live ur active life . get back into bike riding, walking swimming or running is my pashion 😉 just do it live people . will keep u all posted on how i go :)life is to short people we can do this ! 😉 cheers x

  13. Turned 40 this year and found that I was putting on weight in places I never thought. Years past I could cut back on food but now it seems when I cut back I put on more weight.
    I’m only 5’2 and weigh 60kgs this may not sound like alot to some but when your short it looks a lot,Depression had started to kick in when I had been on Jenny Criag for two weeks and hadn’t last anything.My sister-in-law had been on Duromine for two months and she was happy with the rests so I asked my GP who tried to talk me out of it because of the side effects. I got them anyway and after having them in my bag for a week just waiting for the right time to take them as my sister-in-law said to take them and stay home until you know how you feel on it. That in itself gave me aniexty!!! She told me how she had a very very dry month she drink water all day long couldnt get enough she said. Again scary. She went on to say her eyes felt wider (open more)felt like people where looking at her when out in public, noises where louder. Some days she felt happy then she would have a day of depession and would cry at the drop of a hat.
    Now I do suffer from aniexty but control it haven’t been on anti-depressants for over 7yrs now and I took my first Duromine 2hrs ago and yes my aniexty just came back. Just like everyone has written it kicks in after an hour. I feel like I just need to do something so I started to walk down the street but got half way scared because I couldn’ breath then I could feel my heart beating and a felt hot. Now Ive settled down my head feels really heavy my eyes are tired. I laid down but no had to get up and do something, soon as I stood up I felt like a wanted to vomit.All in all this isnt worth my health or relationship dont like not being in control of my body. Will not be taking it again tomorrow.If anything this will make me more determite (spell check) lol. To not try and take the easy & lasy way out by just popping a pill.I dont like Duromine AT ALL. 🙁

  14. Hi There,
    I started taking duromine on Friday last week so day 4…. Im finding that I take it at 7-8am in the moring and I hit a HUGE brick wall at 3-4pm in the afternoon Like feeling like I have been hit by a bus…I have no trouble sleeping….I get to bed a pass out like a log. Im only on 15mg unlike some of you that are on 30??? So Im wondering if its not strong enough to last the whole day for me… I also get hot flushes and mild headache but i feel myself I have lost weight…I thought for the first week I wont exercise and see what happens… But week two Ill be starting some sort of exercise to speed things along!!!!! Bikini Body baby..LOL….

  15. i started taking duromine 2 months ago, in the past i had tried so hard to lose weight and it just wasnt happening for me. i had been to a dietitian who said my eating habbits were good and i was going to the gym regularily but seeing no results, the doctor checked my thyroid which was also normal. i was getting so down about not losing any weight even though i was trying so hard, my doctor prescribed me duromine. for the 1st few weeks i didnt see huge results, but hey they were results which to me was fantastic, i wasnt silly like some people are and stop eating, i kept up with my healthy eating and my exercise and i started losing the weight, i have now lost 6kg and over 30cm, and i am so motivated to keep going and lose the last 6kg!! i think duromine is great if you use it correctly, my body needed a kickstart and duromine gave it that!!

  16. Hi, Have been trying to loose weight for the last 6 months – I am about 170cm tall and weigh 100kg – last time I checked – dreading to get back on the scales but know I have gained more weight – can feel it in my clothes!
    Do u think I will get a prescription for duromine?!?!

  17. Hey Belle, I got my script today and can’t wait to start tomorrow, i’m in exactly the same boat as yourself with the food and gym and no results… only i have about 30 kg to lose ( gulp). I am at the gym every second day and eat very well and hope that this will crank off the weight so that I can feel like a human being again.. wahooo. Let me now how it goes and i will try to rememebr to do the same…..

  18. Hi guys just finished reading all your comments and a bit scared but motivated to see some change in my body. its my first day today on duromine 30mg and im nervous as hell!!!. i have been seeing a dietician for a month now, he started me on Obesan but there werent any results so now on duromine. my worry is that im currently on anti-deppresants and im just wondering if taking this two pills concurrently wont have any effects on my health.

    i will greatly appreciate any advise or experience you can give to me as im a bit nervous about taking the two at once. any advice or something to share please guys, im very nervous!

  19. Hi I’ve only been using duromine for 3 days. So far do good, only side effects so far is s headache around lunch time. I have heaps of energy and am sleeping well. I’m 90kg and need to get down to at least 70kg to be on the healthy weight range. Like everyone else I have tried many different ways to loose the weight, sometimes successful but usually end up putting it all back on and thensome. I’m really enjoying having plenty of energy and no bloated stomach! I’m looking forwardto seeing the results on the next few weeks, just in time for Xmas 😉

  20. I am 28, 177cm tall and weigh 95kg. That’s classed as obese even for someone as tall as me! Today I saw my GP about Duromine, and I hope to kickstart my weight loss.

    I have been consuming under 3000kj per day and walking 3km per day yet have lost nothing at all. This is very scary as I don’t want to keep getting fatter, in fact I’d love to drop some weight before my April wedding. : )

    Wish me luck people, and thank you for all your input – especially belle small, I really relate to your story and hope mine has a happy ending.

    Love Nikita

  21. I am 56 yrs. old and has had an angioplasty for 3 blockages in my main coronary artery this year in January this year I. finally quit smoking after 38 yrs. It took a coronary disease for me to quit smoking. Last week had my lipid tests and and sooo happy that I am in the pink of health. But the downside is I am now 168 lbs. My height is 5’4 in. My cardiologist wants me to loose weight and so he started me with durumine 15 mg for the next 30 days. He wants a slow lost of weight, cause he does not want my skin to sag drastically. My Dr. said , it’s ok with if i loose 6 to 8 lbs in 1 month. I started last Dec. 17, 2010 and today I have lost 4 lbs. I am hypertensive but my blood pressure is very normal and no palpitations. I completely lost my appetite but I know that I am hungry and have to eat coz I develop a little headache and this goes after I have eaten. I still sleep well and still drink coffee at night.

    For you out there, have a check up with your cardiologist before taking Durumine. Here in the Philippines it’s a regulated drug and the Dr. needs a special license to be able to prescibe this drug. They found out that models use this to loose weight by taking 2 to 3 pills a day and end up being Anorexcic.

    By the way, I also walk for 2 to 3 hours around the greenhills mall.

    Will keep you posted!!!

  22. hi i forst started taking duromine when i was 15 yrs old was not prescribed for me though i was stupid took it every weekend but not just 1 tablet i would get up with mi mate take 4 40mg tablets on the thursday 2 40 mgs on the friday morning an 1 on the sunday morning to keep me going i was loosing weight like no tomorrow i would eat fatty food during week but week end i would never eat n onli drink water as i werent on it for weight loss i was on it for the kick i got i was 15 and 60kgs witch to me was perfect weight not too skinny not too fat i was doing this for 3 yrs straight every week end cost alot of money but then i met the love of my life fell pregnant and of course stopped taking duromine straight away i gained alot of weight mi daughter is now 2 yrs old have and im now 96kgs cos i dont exercise ive lost all mi energy since having the baby mi energy goes to her when she was first born i went back to the duromine took them for 15 days as went halfs in a script with friend i lost 8 kilo in a week but could not afford to stay on them any more i was a young mum mi focus needed to be with her today im going to the doctor to get a script going to take it properly of course hoping to loose most the weight with a 1hr walking session every night i will pop back in a few weeks to let you know if and how it has worked on me

  23. I am a 30 year old female who had a hysterectomy 5 months ago as I had cancer. Since my op I have gained 10kg ( a nasty side effect of HRT ) My doctor prescribed me 30mg Duromine today is day one I appear to have lots of motivation/energy to do things whereas once I started taking HRT I found myself quite lethargic not wanting to get out of bed. I have a 3 month supply so will keep you all posted I am 80kg

  24. I love my Duramine…. Two years ago at 97kg… gradually cutting back unhealthy and bad eating habits over the three months prescribed, and excersizing which I had so much more energy for. In a year I had lost 40kg…. and with a slight variation in weight…. 2 to 3 kgs… I have maintained. I recently met the man of my dreams and got married at a tiny size 32… quite a big difference to the size 48 I was before. I think it is a wonder drug!!!

  25. Hi Guys,
    I am write’g here to share my Journey with Duromine 15 mg.I started 2 weeks ago…i noticed the symptoms as mentioned above …hot flushes,dry mouth,nearly nil appetite …but the meanest one which annoying me is not able to have sound sleep wake’g up couple of time due to drinking too much water….I did notice my energy level going really high…but now after 2 weeks my body settling and I am feeling normal while still under this medication…but now my eyes are tired all the time…and feel like going to sleep but my mind is active all the time.I am sharing this to know if any one went through the same situation?and I am eating very healthy make’g sure i am eating lots of veggie and all but I havent notice much difference in my weight…am I expecting too much??lost 2.5-3.5 (keeps fluctuating )in 2 weeks…which i think is a good speed nice and slowly…but what i read from other people review they had drastic results.I am going to see my Doct.in 2 more weeks as I promised to have regular checkups while taking this medicine.
    will keep you all posted how it goes

  26. hiya everyone.. i have just began taking it. i am on my 2nd day. i am on the 40mg duromine and so i am just taking half a one every morning instead of a full one.. i would recommend those of you who cant slep at nite to take half a one as it dosent fil u with that massive energy all day. i am not hungry atall and i am only taking half a one and i feel normal as i do on a normal day only without the hunger pang… 🙂 its awwesome guys i love it. im not moody as of yet anyway but im only on day 2 and only taking half a tablet so hopefully ill be all good. i cant wait to weigh myself… i have only eaten a bowl of salad day one and 2 crackers and grapes on day two. but i do think i am going to pick up and eat a little as i dont want my body to go into starvation and den when i begin to eat for it all to go back on.. wat do u all reccomned regards eating whilst on duromine.. appreciate any info.. thnks u guys and best of luck to u all on it i really hope this gives u all the body and life u long for. i am at my witts end with my life & body 🙁 xx

  27. i used duromine a few years ago and only took it once every second day. i lost 25 kilos in 4 months and kept it off for 2 years. the middle of last year i went on anti depressants and put about 20 kilos on. now in therapy, im ready to shed these pounds again! duromine is a great product, the dry mouth is annoying, but keep up your fluids and you should be fine.

  28. Gday readers.
    About a month ago, a dear friend of my mother’s had a son who suffered a massive heart attack, and dropped dead at the dinner table in front of his whole family. He was only 34 years old. He was obese. My mother bumped into another friend of hers a few weeks later, and she thought she saw a ghost. Her friend’s husband, who was present at the dinner where the young man died, decided to see his GP (Dr.) about losing weight because of what had recently happened. He was put on Duromine, anad lost approximately 14 kilos in two weeks. Whic explains why my mother thought she saw a ghost. This man looked totally different, healthier and happier. After the conversation with the man, my mother called me and told me that this might work for me.
    I am 38 years old, a former professional athlete, but due to 3 unsuccesful bouts of knee surgery have balooned from 90kg to 131kg. I recently ruptured my achilles, suffer chronic back and hip pain, and because I can’t exercise regularly or strenuously, am getting more and more unfit, lethargic and lazy. I have 4 kids, and its hard to do anything with them on an account of my size. I saw my doctor, and enquired about Duromine, and he hesitantly prescribed me 30 mg to take over a month. I start tomorrow. I hope and pray I can run with my kids again. Peace.

  29. I have just started taking duromine.. In the last year I have lost 22 kilos through low GI eating and excercise but my body decided to stop because it said I have lost enough weight but I wanted to loos more. For 5 months I have not lost anything at all just had fluid moving my weight up a bit then down my doc does not know why it has stopped it happens to alot of people. I have had alot of test to see if there is an internal reason but there was none, I am healthier than I have ever been. He has prescribed me Duromin I am not an overeater never have been I gained my weight through PCOS and having my kids. Since taking Duromine I have been feeling like I am running hot and the first day I had tremors and a funny nausea feeling. I am taking the pill at 6am in the morning to avoid the sleeplesness. but I find I am restless and cant get a deep comfy sleep going and through the night I am urinating more than usuall which is really anoiing. I seem to be craving fluids not food and connot really finish a meal. i think the trick to Duromine is to not take it everyday. I have taken it for 2 days but today I am not taking it . It is still in my system. I want a decent sleep tonight.

  30. hey , i am a 23yo mother of 2, one 5yo and the other 9 months old. i have recently been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and due to this, i hsve put on 20 kilo in 3 months. I am 5’2 and weigh 86 kilo 🙁

    Today my doctor has prescribed me with Duromine 30mg which i will be starting tomorrow morning.
    I am very nervous about it as i suffer high blood pressure and headaches already and due to my bad luck i will probably have no good results from it!!

  31. Hi all,

    I am 5’2 and weight 75 kgs. I have put on 15 kgs since I started taking anti depressants (zoloft) 18 months ago. It has been very depressing as I have been eating really well for the past 3 months and exercising but with no results. I am now off the zoloft and have decided to give Duromine a go as I tried it 2 years ago and had some tabs letf. I only have around 15 pills left so will see what happens. I remember last time I was on it, I did get alot of headaches and had trouble sleeping. I also remembered it having a VERY bad affect when mixed with alcohol. Don’t drink while on this drug! I really need to kickstart my weight loss-i don’t want to be on this for longer then a month or so at most. I will try and remember to come back and keep people updated. Would be great to speak to people regularly on their progress too. cheers 🙂

  32. Hi people

    I have been on duromine and lost 12 kg in one month

    it all started when my back was hurting because from the weight of my chest and pressure on my feet so i didnt really feel comfortable about my weight at all.
    When i was prescribed with duromine 30mg, the last past 5 days i was feeling weird such as > not hungry, lack of energy, cant sleep, be in different moods (happy, sad,interested etc but it will occur in different times .

    I knew if i didnt eat for a few days at the end i well feel very weak and lost so i decided to put a routine of a healthy diet muslie for breakfest , a fruit or vegetable at lunch and salad at night.
    the excersize side of things were good I have made sure that there is about 1 -2 hour exercize twice or three times in a day with a heart monitor which can be very helpful so you know i would know when is the best time to slow down a pace

    couple of weeks later i notice the change of my body …..i felt more comfortableand happy but it wasnt my gaol weight so i continued on what is to be done

    a month gone past and lost 12kg ….wow ……it was kinda of hard work to loose that much but thanks for the duromine that has helped me through

    i was prescribed another 30mg and couldn’t feel what i was getting previously and no energy so went back to the doctor to get a higher dosage

    so today i am on my second tablet so i will let you guys know what happens next

  33. I am now on day 3 of my Duromine treatment. So far, the side effects haven’t been too bad. The main one has been lack of sleep. The first night, I felt like I hardly slept at all and felt very awake and jittery. Last night I slept a little better, but still very broken. I have found that it has suppressed my appetite by at least 70% although am getting hungry around 4pm and needing to have a little snack. I haven’t been skipping meals-i have a healthy breakfast (organic muesli) and a cup of tea. I have a muesli bar and piece of fruit around 11am. For lunch, I have been taking a meal replacement shake to work.
    I am finding that I get a little anxious as it gets into the evening. I am also finding that i seem to be a little irritable at the moment and my poor boyfriend has noticed this too!
    I weighed myself yesterday and am actually 75.5kg…go figure? I haven’t lost any since then. I’m wondering whether being constipated is affecting the scales not moving? I am thinking that if I start to see some weight loss, then I will stay on this drug for the 19 pills that I have left and maybe consider a further month, but if no weight loss within a wk or so, I don’t know if I can cope with the lack of sleep. I feel kind of like a zombie at the moment 🙁 best part has been the energy I have had for the gym and my work.

    Hope to hear from more updates from people soon 🙂

  34. hey guys at 82kg and very low blood preasure, i needed help so I went to my doctors and he gave me the script for this Duromine. the bigger I get the lower my blood preasure goes so he thought this would be a good kick in the ass for my metabilism. day 2 and I have no side effects that are bad, only feel hot and active… very active. i have read all your posts and I am confident that this may work for me. i dont feel hungry at all so am forcing myself to eat, i seem to have turned my nose up at food so far and nothing and I mean nothing looks good enough for me to eat. will keep you posted as I loose the weight. xxxx

  35. Hey guy’s i just started taking duromine yesterday so today is my second tablet. I am 165cm an 75kgs. 🙁 I got prescribed 15mg’s although i cannot find any positive feedback to weight loss from this mg’s….. Has anyone had success on 15mgs? …. I had the worst night sleep last night, and increased energy is great, also dry mouth so i guess i have to patient and see what happens ?

  36. I have taken Duromine in the past (about a year ago). I have abused it AND taken it correctly. It worked about the same no matter what I did, however you do get quite sick if you don’t eat, try and remember to eat =]

    I lost around 15 kilos in a month, 7 of them in my first week. It was SO unbelievable. But then again, it IS pretty much prescribed speed!

    I love my Duromine, going to start it again next week! I’m definitely going to get into the healthy weight bracket this time! wish me luck!


  37. Hey, I am a 22yrd old female. On day 2 of the duromine. No serious negative side effects as of yet. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones! I put on weight after having to have needles for my menorrhagia & dysmenorrhea last year. I’ve always been chubby, but have always fallen in the ‘ideal range’ of BMI.
    In the past year I have packed it on like there is no tomorrow. About 15-20kg rise. At the start of this year I began Netball two nights a week, Zumba & Boot camp & then would jump on my exercise bike at home. I’ve lost quite a few cms, but have hit a plateu. Yesterday I had a banana and some scrambled eggs then took the pill and was full all day. Had trouble focusing on cleaning up the house. Would walk into the kitchen to wash the dishes and then would walk back out again (It took me about an hour til I knuckled down and actually did something) I went to bed at about 2am took me a couple of mins and I was out for the whole night (until 7am) Had a banana this morning then took the pill. Haven’t wanted to eat since. I haven’t felt sleep deprived and have been extremely happy all day. I really want this to work to help me get there and think this will be a good chance to get me into a good routine with fruit and veggies. It’s keeping me more motivated to turn to fruit and veggies, if I’m only going to eat a tiny bit a day, why should I stuff my face with a cheeseburger?
    One side effect I have been experiencing is feeling cold. I’ve seen some people say they’ve been hot and flushed and I know it’s going into winter, but it’s the chilly cold that you get when you have a fever, where your outside is warm, but inside you are freezing and my hands are extremely cold to touch as well.
    My only advice is to find what routine (with duromine) works for you. Maybe if you take it every second day or something of the sort that might work out better? And keep your fluids up!
    Good luck to everyone on their weight loss journey!

  38. Female, me and my friend started using Duromine 30 mg on 14/04/2011. I had trouble sleeping the 1st 2 nights but since then I have had no problem to sleep, on the other hand my friend is still awake during the nighs, I have dry month, a lot of energy but do not feel like eating. I stil try eating breakfast, and I drink a lot of coffee. Since 14/04/11 till today I have lost 2 killos. My friend lost 1 killo. I am trying to stay positive, The extra energy feels great, normaly I will be feeling sleepy by 10 in the morning strugeling to keep awake but now I am full of energy and loving it all the way.

  39. Started Duromine yesterday 129.7kg. Haven’t noticed too much negative yet but its early going. I’m getting that dry mouth and urinating more than usual. Will be posting weight loss Mondays. Hopefully I can inspire others.

  40. G’Day. I have been prescribed Duromine and have had it since 21 March but haven’t started it yet. Bit scared I think. After reading all of the comments am even more hesitant, but will start them tomorrow. It’s good to know what it does to other people so that if something weird happens I know what’s causing it.

    I am 168cm tall and weigh about 100kg and am nearly 53 yo. Am hoping to lose up to 30kg over time. I only have a 1 month supply of 30mg Duromine coz the doc wants to see me again before he prescribes any more.

    I gave up smoking a year ago using Champix so am hoping Duromine will do the job for me with the weight loss. I need pills to assist me as I basically have no willpower :-((( Wish me luck!!

  41. 1 week down and any minor side affects (mainly lack of sleep) are gone. I have lost 6.1kg coming down to 123.6kg. I have been eating smaller meals and just started to exercise yesterday.

  42. Hi everyone!

    I started using Duromine 30 mg a little more than a month ago. I lost 6 kg which does not sound much but I would rather lose slowly than lose 10 kg in one month and the next month gain 20 kg. I think these pills are great and I got a prescription for another 2 months. I am going to try and lose 10 kg in this 2 months. I am skipping the pills twice a week because I am so scared of becoming addicted. I don’t know if you guys ever used Thinz. These pills made me a bit crazy. I used to feel stuff walking up my spine. And it felt like I was on some kind of drug trip all the time. Duromine is nothing like this. I feel happy, I can concentrate and I have the energy to do my daily tasks. Duromine does however take some willpower. Your hunger does not totally go away, but this is great because not eating is very bad for you. So it just helps you to eat normally and not like a small dinosaur. I do get some dry mouth but that’s also fine because it then helps me to drink more water. The 6 kg I lost without any exercise and being force feed by my grandparents. I joined a Pilates class and I am very motivated to lose weight. I want a lifestyle change and Duromine is helping me with the change. That’s the only way the weight will stay off. I am 1.73 m tall and I used to weigh 106, I am now down to 100kg. Boooyaaaa!:) (only 35 kg to go…lol)

  43. Hi my name is Melissa and I am 33 years of age. I have come to a stage in my life where I am so unhappy about my weight. I went to my doctors today and was prescribed Duromine 40mg. I have also signed up for Terry Furguson and a gym membership so I am hoping for an out come. I am 178 cm tall and weigh a massive 152kilo. I haven’t been big all my life just packed it on after having my 2 children. But thought something was wrong when in the last 6months I put on 38 kilo just in 6months. My problem is I don’t eat well I no this I will go all day without eating but then at dinner just before bed I would have a huge meal or take out. So my journey begins tomorrow i’m not expecting to turn into a skinny little thing or rely completley on DUROMINE. I’m hoping by change of life style and food preparation that all together I will drop those kilo’s wish me luck people and I will keep you updated how I go.


  45. Hi there its Melissa again I have completed first week of weight loss and I get weighed in every Tuesday morning each week. This week after one week I came in at 147 kilo I have lost 5.1 kilo in a week so am pretty happy with the results. Will keep you updated how I go. I have had the headaches and I can tell you they are no fun and have problems getting myself to sleep but hoping it will all work itself out soon. Take care peoples.

  46. Hey Duromine users and those who wana try out. I took Duromine 30g for 15 days and all the weight i wanted to lose was going away fast but pity for me most of the side effects that they mentioned there I experienced them, sleepless, moody, lack of sexual drive, terrible headaches, nervous, dry mouth, overactive and this one takes the cup, my face was swollen it was like a balloon. Duromine does work but it can be dangerous and il rather be as big as a pig than taking Duromine again and il never recommend it to anyone but its just me, it might be different to another person.

  47. hey y’ol,i started duromine ystdy n its 2am n m still up,wel i ws n insomniac anyways cz i naturally cnt sleep bfo 2am,so yah dat aint no problem fo me.m nt scared of the syd effects at ol cz i’v taken organo slim n i only lost abt 2kg n still had e appetite.well ystdy ws not hectic fo me,i ddnt eat a lot n i bought a cake to test mslf n i still dnt feel lyk touching it.i need to lose 13kgs n i hope i’ll make it within a month.wish me luck.

  48. hey guys
    this is the only site ive met people who are on duromine in 2011, oher sites have comments dated as far back as 2007. anyway yeaaah i started my duromine 30mg today 6:30 am and already i am a bag of fun, ive just finished writting a proposal ive been lazyn about with for weeks now, i am scared about all these side effects but i feel like ive come to a point where i am really desperate and will try my chances, i am going tobe very sensible about this, eat healthy excercise and see what happens, i will be back here in two weeks to let you all know… 🙂 i’d like to think of you guys as my duromine family.. by the way i am 183cm and weigh 165kg.. not goood nope!! so fingers crossed and wish me luck

  49. just got weighed in for third week have now lost a total of 8.6 kilo in three weeks and i am extreamly happy with that. lets hope i can keep going.

  50. Im 26 about 175cm tall and 100kgs…. I put on 30kgs since falling pregnant, giving birth and being on anti psychotics. I got a prescription today from my doctor 15mg. He explained it to me as chemical similar to amphetamine, Extra energy, decreased apatite, nausea, head aches and weight loss…. sounds like amphetamines to me!
    I want to lose 30 kgs… I know its not going to happen all at once, I just need to get the first bit off, I work out for 30-60 minutes a day and eat well..
    Im surprised that doctors have prescribed this medication to those considered just overweight…. I am obese and appreciate the kick start this will give me… I dont want to wear a bikini at the beach – I want to be healthy…. I want to be active and be able to play with my child without needing to have a rest!
    Having suffered depression and post natal psychosis my doctor was hesitant to prescribe – I have to check in with him fortnightly.
    I am hoping to get the same effects most of the people on here have – about 10kgs would be great – I am only on the smaller 15mg so my expectations are prob too high

  51. Hi there, Well I’m 41 yrs old and weigh 105kgs, 161cm tall. I have always been a big gurl normal weight for me is 93/99kgs which is still clinically obese however I was ok with that. I’m an active person, I enjoy Mauy Thai (2yrs) and train x3 a week for 2 half hours. This consists of 20min jog, 15min skipping, shadow sparring, grappling, boxing bag rounds and then x3 four minute pad rounds with the trainer, in between all of this is our press ups, sit ups and bridges finised off with cool downs of more push ups and sit ups. Yeesh…with all this I should be reppin the MEAN body lol but NO. I love food and I always felt good within myself. So four months ago I stopped smoking and I’ve put on 6kgs steadily climbing and now feel out of control with my eating. Trainging is bludy hard and feel like vomitting while out jogging! This is not good so I went to my doctors and will be starting duromine soon…

  52. hi i was given 40 mg from my doctor tohelp me give up smoking !!! after attempts to give up but failed from weight gain he decided it was worth a shot to try curb my appetite.i am 168cm tall and weighed 75kg. which isnt that bad and i excercise by walking 6k every day. my last attempt at quitting resulted in 15 kg gain so i started to smoke again.so far so good. i have lost 3 kilos and have been smoke free for 4 weeks. keep every one updated with my progress.

  53. Hello everyone.

    Im a 19 year old aussie girl who is on day 2 of Duromine. Yesterday i didnt feel alot but i noticed i didnt eat much lunch or dinner!!!!!!

    My energy was up as well i walked all over town with my god daughter in the pram yesterday and didnt feel tired once.

    My sleep wasnt to bad last night other than waking up a few times.

    Im very excited to loose weight as i want to celebrate my 21st in a little black dress 😉

  54. I was 165cm and weighed 74kg after the birth of my 3rd child, After dieting and exercising and seeing NO results, i asked my doctor if there was anything that could help me. He prescribed me duromine 30mg. I made sure i ate 3 small meals a day and exercised as usual, as my doctor advised me, the side effects were minimal and i could sleep fine. I had more energy, felt happier and could see a difference in my weight quickly. I lost 5kgs in 4 weeks, which may not seem like alot, but I couldnt be happier!! I have waited 2 months to start my next script, hopefully to lose the last 5 kilos. If you want this drug to work, you have to eat! otherwise you will feel really sick and the moment you stop taking it you will pile on the weight plus some! I recommend doing tony ferguson or opti fast shakes if you lose your appetite altogether,
    . Good Luck everyone!

  55. Hi
    I am about 170cm tall and weigh approx. 120kg. Today my doctor prescribed me with Duromine 15mg I was looking forward to starting them asap but when I got to the chemist I am not covered by a concession and will cost me $90 I am a student working part time how am I expected to afford this I am quite upset at the moment because I cant start yet 🙁 hopefully soon I can and start to see results. Everyone else good luck on your journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle 🙂

  56. i have been on duromine 3 times 15mg.40mg and currently on 30mg,15mg was great no side effects but weight loss wasnt great,40mg done my head in i was a mess,the mood swings were up and down,i hated even being round myself although the weight dropped off but after long fights lots of tears and tantrums i decided to take myself of it,it was either that or lose my partner….. 3 years later and 2 more babies.i am now week 2 into the 30mg have lost 6 kilos and feel half human again i do have the mood swings again but have to weigh out my options i really need to lose the weight i am 30 yrs old 172cm and 114kg either way i am miserable so decided to be moody and stay on it and hopefully the weight loss will be enough to get myself back to the fun,happy full of life girl i once was before the war of the weight began…wish me luck

  57. hi,
    I have just started Duromine 30 mg for the second time (today is my first day & I am feeling kind of crap). I took it many years ago before I had a family and had excellent results. I dropped from 83kgs, to 62 kgs. I put on a couple of kilo’s when I came off them but stayed at 66-67 for a few years. I then had some injuries, had two kids and now find myself back to 89kgs. I am hoping to get back to that 67kgs again but not looking forward to the wakefulness which I found I had virtually every night I was on them. I don’t drink coffee or anything like that so I found I was quite hyped up all the time. I never had any mood swings last time, just happiness that finally something was working for me, but I did get tightness in my chest but found walking and cardio exercise helped heaps with that. For those of you that are just starting out drink plenty of water and try and change those bad habits. Good Luck.

  58. Hi, I have been on it for 4 months now. I was reading that it was a short term tablet. Can anyone tell me what may happen if I continue to take it?

  59. Hi, I just bought Duromine 15mg pills now and im going to start to take them tomorrow morning… I hope i can achieve what some ppl have achieved from their comments. I Hope It Works For Me as i needed… Good luck everyone

  60. i have started them today hoping it will work. i a sportsman who has gained weight after getting married. i still play sports but the weight is affecting my perfomance. i hoping for the best. i will keep u posted!!!!

  61. hi there all,
    im about to start using Duromine for the 1st time, after 6 months of being injured and not been able to exercise i have put on a bit of weight, i still am injured cant walk proply , so does this diet work with out exercise??

  62. I went on duromine for the first time in nov 2010 – i have lost a total of 22 kgs having taken it for 3 months and then six months over the last year – i am now going back in to shed some more – i have had no bad side effects at all and feel great being 22 kgs lighter – be careful of the generic Metramine brand – it gave me headaches – no weight loss and stripped my body of calcium

  63. hey , i am 16 years old and on the 40 mg duromine . i have tried many diets and exercise for many periods of time , i have been in a relationship for 1 year 8 moths and have just piled on the weight so i went and got duromine it hasnt really had many efffects on me only the first day i felt super energised and ready to run ten thousand blocks and had troubles sleeping and i also devoloped a habbit of biting the inside of my lower lip which i have now stopped buy chewing gum . i have so far lost 4 kilos and i cannot see the weight loss personally but my peers can . i am on the duromine for 1 month i will let youes know how im going 🙂

  64. hi

    i am 27 and i weigh just over 80kg. I went to my doctor to ask for Duromine but she put me on Ciplitrim after being on it for 3 weeks I only lost 1.5kg she has decided to take me off them and put me on Duromine. I start tomorrow. I am very scared as I have read up on some side effects but I really want to loose the weight. 20 of us girls are going to Club Med Bali in February and I really just want to loose about 10kg just to fee healthy and happy with myself.

    wish me luck and looking forward to report back with happy news.


  65. I am currently 19 before i fell pregnant with my now 6 month old son i lost almost 20kgs all by myself with exercise and cutting down junk food. Before then i weighed 100kg and dropped down to 80kgs. Now that i’ve had my son i currently weigh 120kgs (i dont look it but thats how much i weigh) i kept my baby fat on and have since put a further 10kgs on i have tried and tried doing it myself again but have failed to so i went to my doctor and she put me on duromine. I will be starting it tomorrow as im getting it made up today and have figgured its better to have in the morning. I don’t expect to lose a heap of weight on it but would just like it to get me started. My doctor has given me 3 month perscription as she said that’s as much as they are allowed to give. She is seeing me week 1 and 2 i’m on it to see how i’m going and then will see my every fortnight koz she said she doesnt like putting young girls on it and hasnt given it out to girls my age before but she said she will see how i go. I’m really excited as a comment further up said it’s not about being able to wear a bikini and that although that would be fantastic but it’s about having self confidence and self esteem which i have never really had. Im over being the fat girl and i’m not going to be anymore i cant wait to start this and see a new better happier me and be able to do things with my son and partner i don’t want to get bigger and i dont want to die young i want to be happy healthy and be around for as long as i can for my son’s sake especially. Good luck to all the other girls out there whether u are on duromine or something else or even doing it yourself! Just remember u are all beautiful inside and out the way u are…Tia xxx

  66. coming up to my wedding i could not lose the 15kg I had put on from previous medication, was put on 30mg for 2 months, regulated my sleep pattern and lessened hunger and junk cravings but only lost nearly 2kgs. Was then prescribed 40mg which were no different to the 30mg. I did 7 weeks on 40mg and did not lose any further weight. Then I did something naughty, doubled my own dose for a week and a half (last ditch before the wedding) up to 80mg and I lost 3kg in that time. Not recommending it for everyone, but I have 5 weeks of pills left that i will be taking in 3 weeks span – at over $100 a month i’m going to at least see some weight loss for it

  67. You all say you are losing weight and how you feel and that you have cut down your food …what I want to know does Duromine suppress your appetite?
    Because if it doesn’t, then its not really doing anything for any of you!…and all the mood swings and head aches and energy boosting and tiredness up and downs, are all symptoms of heavy dieting….so!…does THE b#$@dy stuff suppress your appetite or not?

  68. i am 22yrs of age jst had a & i have put some weight 85kilos &i want start with this product what will happen after i stop using?

  69. hi guys, im a 23yr old mum of 2girls. Im a cleaner/supervisor at a mine. I work up to 12hr days n always on my feet/walking. For some reason my weight has gone crazy and im now at 79kg. Im a short lady and very energetic. Im a healthy eater but do have an adiction to coca cola and cant turn down chocolate. I am on day 2 of duromine 40mg. I havent been hungry, have cut down to 4cans of coke aday, taken up water and have not wanted chocolate so far. I am alro doing this with my fiances mate who is a big boy. I have problems with my joints so the extra weight is puting a burden on my body… Id like to get down to 60kgs but do not have my hopes up! GOODLUCK to you all on reaching your goals!

  70. I started taking 30mg of duromine over 18 months ago..my doctor would only give me 1 month at a time and then I would have to maintain my weight lose for 2 months before he would give me another script for it, I am 49yrs old 155cm tall and at the start i weighed 98kg. Over the last 12 months and only using duromine 4 times in the 12 months i managed to lose 20kg. I have been off it for 6mths and have put back on 4kg. I am now trying the 40mg to kick start my weight lose again.Yes some of the side affects are annoying, headaches (you need to have a piece of toast or fruit with your tablet), constapation( take fibre tablets daily)Lack of sleep (remember its speed based), way to much energy( use that to your advantage and exercise)These are not ment for long term use. Good luck to everyone taking them, They do work but you must exercise and change your eating habits as well.Plus with all the extra energy I had my daughter lost weight as well because I would make her come walking with me every day.

  71. Hi,.
    I have been on Duromine for three weeks now. I was never a big eater but obviously ate the wrong things. (potato, sweet potato, and pumpkin was my favorite and peas). Knowing potato was bad for you but not realizing that pumpkin was bad for you!! I started Duromine 30mg but and lost around 2 kilos in the first week.. This was great but my doctor cut me back to the 15mg as it increased my heart rate (but weirdly not my blood pressure). Im now loosing between 1 and 1.5 kilos per week on the 15mg. I am also having two optifast shakes per day and one meal. I am not hungry at all. I do look forward to my evening meal though. I tried three shakes per day but found that being diabetic i woke at about 2 am the next morning and was on a sugar low.. . So i’m eating well, no potato sweet potato or pumpkin. The shakes are bearable. I go to gym three times per week for between half an hour and an hour. As i live on 10.2 acres i spend the day running around anyway. It is often misconstured that just because you are fat you are inactive. Well it is a 200metre walk for me just to go and get the mail everyday. This is just one example so i am not inactive. That’s why i couldnt understand why i was so fat. Anyway it’s been one week on the 30mg and two weeks on the 15 mg and ive lost 6 kilos. I don’t feel hungry . I have more energy. I’m hoping to loose another 20 kilos. Fingers crossed. I would love to hear from some people who have done there three months on Duromine and how they are coping now that they are off it??

  72. I am 31yrs old and 165cm tall. My weight is 64kg,
    For my target, i must lost at least 8kgs. (from what calculate based on IBM)
    So today i went to my doctor, and told him my concern which i love to eat.
    It may because i works in warehouse, lot of energy must be top up.
    This is the reason why i eat a lot.
    After conversation, doctor decided to give me the drug, 30mg Duromine,
    for a month period.
    Today is my first day, i really look forward that my weight will drop down as before 56-58kgs.
    I believe more slimmer will makes me look younger.
    I will keep update my diary.

  73. I honestly have to say, reading these posts is very irritating, there are people who need to be on it and such but when i see someone who weighs 68 kg’s going onto the 40mg capsules, that is just ridiculous, Ok if your over a hundred kilos but 68 kilos isn’t fat! i started 5 days ago at a weight of 146 kg’s and have gotten to 137 and think that is great but for the people out there taking it at weights under 80 kg’s, how are your doctors even prescribing it to you?

  74. I am currently half way thru my 3rd packet of duromine 40mg tabs. I’ve lost over 20kgs in just on 4months. I found taking it every second day for the first month gave me time to get used to it and so I didn’t have to suffer thru the side effects. I have to say it does work and will suppress your appetite. The first few weeks are tough but like I said take it every second day it will still work and less side effects. I am so happy with the results it’s great.

  75. Hi everyone, i first heard duromine from my brother who got it from a friend.i witnessed him for 3 months taking it daily.he used to sweat alot and lose sleep and would also complain abt short of breath.he finished his doze and he really cut the weight. so me being 93kgs and with my up coming wedding in December, i hv decided to cut weight so as to look gd and be healthy.i started with 15mg for 14 days but never felt anythg like other pple say,so i have decided to increase my doze to 30mg,unfortunately yesterday i only took a cup of tea and banana and in the evenning the worst happened to me,ulcers and diarrhoea kept me awake the whole nite.so today i didnt take so that i first heal and continue since i havent been experiencing any effects.i will be going to weigh myself soon and i will usually report to u my results so far.

    i had to first read pples comments abt duromine but one thg i want to tell you guys is that we all have different bodies and we react differently to certain thgs.every post i read pple say headache and many other effects are killing them but to be honest i havent felt any of those apart from diarrhoea and ulcers ,one thg i know my appetite has completely gone.i dnt want to see food.

    Dnt listen to what pple say just try and if u cannt handle discontinue like i did with magic slim.

    Good luck guys

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