Is It Safe To Use Duromine While on the Pill?

Is It Safe to Take Duromine on Birth Control Pills?
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You will find that more women are prescribed Duromine than men. Because of that, they typically want to know about some of the adverse effects of this drug. One question that you find that comes up a lot is the safety of taking Duromine while on birth control pills. The main concern is that the drug will have some interaction with their pill and reduce or take away from its effectiveness or cause some unwanted side effects.

The general view on the use of Duromine/birth control pills is that there is no real issue in taking them at the same time. Research has shown that there are no real adverse reactions or complications and that using them is generally safe.

Hundreds of thousands of pills are prescribed on a yearly basis and there has never been a report of the negative effects of birth control and this diet supplement. Even with that information, you still need to take some level of caution.


This is an important warning, because Duromine is still a prescription drug. Before going on any prescription medication, it is very important that you speak with your doctor. Everyone reacts differently to prescription drugs and you should tell him/her about your concern in taking Duromine with birth control. The doctor will generally give you the same answer that you will find here, however they will also know your medical history and they can give a professional assessment

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