Can You Drink Alcohol and Take Duromine?

Is It Good to Drink Alcohol and Take Duromine?
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So you have been on Duromine for a couple of days or weeks and it is time to go out and have a few drinks, is it safe to drink alcohol while taking Duromine? The answer is a big NO. In general you should not be taking prescription medication with alcohol at all, but this is especially true with Duromine.

Many medications can have a negative interaction with alcohol and this could lead to increase in the risk of serious side effects, illness, injury and sometimes even death. If you speak with your doctor, he can inform you of how bad it is to drink and take any prescription medication. It is always important to follow the instructions given by your medical practitioner.

Why Mixing Duromine and Alcohol Can be a Bad Idea

It can be a pretty bad idea to mix the two, simply because Duromine is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant. When you drink and take Duromine, it can actually mask the effect of alcohol and you may not feel as drunk. This means less control of your reaction times and senses.

One major health risk that can occur is that on Duromine your heart rate and blood pressure could be elevated. Drinking alcohol can also increase your blood pressure and this mix could lead to possible injury and even death.

Another concern with taking the two together is that it can mask the actual effects of alcohol. This could lead to possible disaster as you might consume more alcohol simply because you are not feeling drunk or tipsy. You can suffer from alcohol poisoning or get into a car and drive; as you might feel that you are not drunk.

There is also the possibility that alcohol could transform certain drugs into toxic chemicals. This lethal concoction can have a negative effect on the liver and other vital organs.

You should also realize that taking Duromine and drinking may reduce the effectiveness of the drug. So you could not be losing any weight and think that the drug is not working, when in reality the alcohol could be causing the problem.

So What If I Want to Drink While on Duromine?

Some people might think it is not a bad idea to have one drink while taking this weight loss drug. It would be in your best interest to just get the idea of alcohol out of your head. If you are adamant, then you could stop taking Duromine for a couple of days and have the drink of your choice. That is still defeating the purpose, as the main goal is for you to lose weight and get healthy. This is where sacrifices have to be made for your long-term health. If you can hold out, then you will be conquering one n

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